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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This is how I am feeling at work today...then I remembered
this post I did awhile back and I thought I would
re-post it to maybe lighten my mood and possibly 
feel better from your comments on HORRIBLE co-workers!!

So I really need to come to grips with my work environment. Stress levels are always at an all time high here and the people just get SUPER annoying to be around. It just always seems like when one person lightens up then the baton is handed down the line to the next annoying person. So I did a quick little Google search regarding Annoying Co-workers and sadly I felt comfort in the fact that others share my same pain.

According to you should confront the annoying co-worker and explain to them politely that whatever they are doing is interrupting your work. The example that they give is a loud talker, someone who talks on their cell phone or speaker phone and discusses their personal business. What a shocker... I sit across from a jerk that feels like it is A-OK to have conversation with his children and wife on speaker phone. They will have arguments and he will give his children "talking to's" on speaker. Really? Do I need to know about your AC being out or that your son told your wife that she needed to make his lunch? No! Oh did I mention that he has a door he can shut and I do why not SHUT IT (the door and your hole!) Also, last time I checked I didn't work at a country music radio station or country music bar so TURN THE MUSIC DOWN! So as you can see I can get pretty worked up just in regards to this man and his speaker phone and his music and yet there are like 100 other annoying people that work here...AHHHHH! So says to confront him, hmmm I think that is easier said than done. Anonymous note perhaps? I once sent an anonymous note to a woman who spent 2 weeks hacking up a lung. The note stated...go to the doctor everyone else doesn't want to get sick! The coughing stopped for like ONE day...but then she was moved further down the hall. Either way no more coughing for me!

I wasn't convinced that this was the path that I should go down. Since speaker phone/music man is just one of my problems, I just feel like I would be politely telling a lot of people where to go. That's gonna take ALL DAY and who has that kind of time? Not me. So I continued my google search and found two blogs listing the Top 10 Most Annoying Co-Workers....I compiled the lists (since there were some duplicates and have added a few categories of my own) So here is my top 15 Annoying Co-workers:

14. The Wanderer: He just wanders around telling everyone what he found on the internet, discussing the problems of the nation per Fox News and basically talking about inappropriate issues at work (i.e. politics, religion and race).

13. The "Toy" collector: Look we all want our office to reflect our personality but some people take it OVER the top so much so that a firm wide memo went out laying out the rules of what we can and cannot have in our offices. Might I add memos NEVER go out around here! The memo stated that we are to have no magnets on file cabinets and only one piece of framed artwork. This lady then took all of her Nascar figures and bought cases for them and now proudly displays them as million dollar collectibles. (BTW this was the lady I sent the anonymous note to regarding her hacking up a lung).

12. The Personal Spacer Taker: This is how I feel about anyone who walks into my office and stands over me or reaches around me to find whatever office materials they need....STEP OFF!

11. The Stomper: Hello decedents of Frankenstein give your ankles a break! We're on the 18th floor but I'm pretty sure people in the main lobby can hear you walking!

10. The Whistler: We aren't the seven dwarfs so don't whistle while you work!

9. The Speaker Phone Addict: There is such a thing as a receiver .... pick it up and talk...I don't need to hear about your personal problems or hear how much your wife loves you!

8. The Smelly Gals: A couple of spritz of perfume...okay. Dousing yourself with a gallon...not okay. Your smell should not linger long after you leave the scene.

7. The Money Wanter: Look I don't care what your kid is trying to get you to sell (wrapping paper, candy, cookie dough, bags, etc.)...I'm not buying! Also, I would like to point out that a woman here at our firm collects money for soap....yes I said SOAP. Apparently the standard issue foam soap is not okay and we need soap from Bath & Body Works and I am now REQUIRED to pay her $1.00 a month for soap. She states that it is voluntary but the 20 e-mails I receive about her wanting this $1.00 beg to differ!

6. The Ringtone: I absolutely dive for my purse if my cellphone ever rings at work because I forget to put it on silent. People who let there cellphone ring off the hook are annoying and their ringtones often are just as annoying as they are. Look Harry Potter theme song isn't cool for someone in their 50s buy a NEW ringtone or try putting it on vibrate for once!

5. The "It Wasn't me!: I hate people that don't own up to their mistakes and have to blame others. Everyone knows it was you...just own up and move on!

4. The Non Toilet Flusher: (might I add...we have automatic flush!!) Okay I don't think this needs further explanation but seriously flush it and make sure your toilet hygiene cover goes down too I don't need to walk in and see all THAT! You're so convinced that the toilet is nasty that you need to use a cover...yet you are the one that is NASTY! Do you see the irony in this?

3. The Copy Whiner: It never fails...I go to use the copier for more than two seconds and the same person comes in wanting to cut in. WAIT YOUR TURN! I don't care what you need to do...I'm doing what I need to do. (Also please know that we have like 10 copiers scattered across this firm...yet you need the one I am using!)

2. The Inquisitor: You know that person that asks you like a million questions about your personal life and they don't seem to get it when you give them responses of okay, nothing much, etc. Somehow they just don't get that if they needed to know...they would know!

1. AND THE WINNER IS.......The E-mail Crybaby: No matter what you email to this person they take it as a personal threat or a mean comment and proceed to e-mail you back a novel as to where you can go. Actually, I love when this happens because I have no problem e-mailing them back and making them realize that THEY have freaked out for no reason and then I receive an e-mail back with "My Bad", correction the winner is The My Bad: Most of the people that work here are in their mid 40s and older. None of you should EVER utter the words...MY BAD! That has to be the worst Ebonics phrase that has made it into adult conversation! I doubt if these people would say For PLEASE don't say MY BAD!

Okay so now that we have identified these people as what they are...what can we do now?

I will have to admit just writing this blog has helped bring humor to the annoying stuff. Literally being able to envision someone for each of these spots was like I'm the academy handing out the Academy Awards of Annoying Co-workers. And the winner is......


  1. I know who #1 is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Working with frustrating people is THE WORST.


  3. Haha I love this post, I was reading through and nodding at almost every single one of the types. I think one of the worst is the ringtone. In my last job, despite working in a quiet office (open plan though unfortunately, can you see where this is going?) someone a few rows from me insisted on having their phone on the loudest possible setting, with a superman ringtone. They would then go in meetings all day leaving the bag locked in a drawer. It would then ring 657549853 times a day and no one could access it. And this wasn't just one day, it was almost 2 or 3 times a week it would happen. Drove me crazy! Agh!

    Anyway....rant over...!!! Love the blog and following! :) xxx

  4. Ooh number would suck! But be glad you have a job. Can you wear headphones to drown them out?

  5. It definitely makes work a lot harder when there's someone annoying you! Loud talkers are my pet peeve.

  6. I just LOL'd for real. And I am not that girl. The secretary in the office called me by my wrong name today. There are only a total of 4 people in the office and I am the only other female. If she does it again I will be replying with Thanks So-and-So. I will not even bother with a name - just so and so.

    Thanks for the laugh. I'm a new follower. Check out my blog and follow back if you like.

  7. haha...i was smiling all the way down your post. Thank you for your comprehensive research on Annoying co-workers. I hope I wasn't one of them haha...only my co-worker could identify. Now that I'm a stay home mom and works from home, it gets kind boring sometimes. I don't have annoying co-workers to talk about.


  8. Thank you all for your comments.

    Sarah - feel free to come here and rant ANYTIME! Thanks for checking out my blog, commenting and following!

    Elle - I have tried headphones, earplugs and headphones WITH earplugs...luckily since originally posting this post..I've moved away from him...YAY!! One less to complain about =)

    Molly - AMEN! Loud talking anywhere is not acceptable! Yesterday there was a guy in the parking lot yelling at someone on his just makes people uncomfortable...he now looks like a crazy person...LOL

    Kassi - I hope you have more LOLs to come from my blog...I really try to be funny and honest. Thanks for checking out my blog, commenting and following!

    Mongs ~ you don't have annoying co-workers because you are the boss!!! LOL ~ no one tries to annoy the boss! =)

    I am grateful to have a job gives me my paycheck...with which I could not live without...but venting is doesn't mean I don't respect the fact that I have a job in this horrible economy besides I was complaining about coworkers not working. People are annoying so sometimes you have to make fun of it to not get so annoyed. It's just like wishing for're just trying to lighten the mood of getting through the week.

    It was supposed to be funny...sorry if you didn't think so...I wasn't trying to offend!

    I mean come on....descendants of Frankenstein...that was some good stuff right there...LOL

    Perhaps my comedy show isn't QUITE ready for the road!

    ♥ Shia


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