Rude Receptionists

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Have you ever called somewhere and gotten completely ticked off by the person answering the phone?  It JUST HAPPEN to me.  I am seriously debating at saying something at my appointment.  Shouldn't your receptionist be cheerful and helpful?  I mean don't you want the person answering the phone to give a good impression of your business?  



  1. OMG that happened to me today!!! That's crazy. I was trying to reschedule a dentist appt. for my little one a day before instead of the 2 days... I already knew I had to pay the fee but she was so rude about it.... ughhh and she sounds new she kept asking the others what to do -___- not happy I've been searching for a new dentist but until then they will do...

  2. Yep I would say something un professional people in a mis cast job!

  3. I totally agree! I answer calls everyday helping customers and I try my best to be the nicest person on the phone. I've had my fair shares of upset customers.


  4. I have passed on so many doctor's offices just because of the receptionist! & I am one too! So I am super critical.

  5. This really stinks. But sometimes, I understand that people might have spoken to someone really unpleasant. I always try to be nice and see if they change their tone. If they don't... then they're just crabby.


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