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It's okay Thursday #3

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay...

~to stay up until 4 am watching American Horror Story on Hulu....have you seen's AWESOME!

~to then wake up and frantically think of some plausible excuse to call in so you can sleep more.

~to wear tights under your dress just because you don't feel like shaving...isn't that what they are for??

~to think...what am I going to blog about today...wait it's Thursday...HOLLA!!

~to feel like Andy is totally trying to be Michael now on The Office.

~to be sad that Tosh.0 season is over....what will I laugh at now??  

~that I cover my eyes like a child when the clips on Tosh are super gross!

~to Google yourself !

~to want the people petitioning the Kardashians off E to go away....if you don't like a show...don't watch it....low ratings = cancellation...duh!

~to not care if Kim Kardashian faked her doesn't affect my life in anyway!

What do you want to add to the list?

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  1. HAHA you crack me up Shia!
    i feel so lazy too .. i hate
    shaving in the winter! leggings
    and long pants it is!

    you should watch dexter!
    love that series!

    have a lovely thursday hun!

    [♥]██[ X ]██[ O ]██[ X ]██[ O ]██[♥]

  2. Oh I am so going to miss Tosh too. And covering your eyes during the gross clips, guilty haha. Happy Thursday :)

  3. LMAO I totally wear tights under dresses when I'm too lazy!!! I don't do horror epecially at night I wouldn't sleep lols!! =) and I agree the wedding doesn't affect me so whatever...

  4. I totally wore tights with my dress to church on Sunday because I didn't feel like shaving. Luckily I got to go into work late today so I took a nice long shower AND shaved. haha sometimes it is the little things in life!

  5. Tights are totally awesome (also great when legs are dry like mine!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. purely facts statements, i love it!!! love love love you, you are so honest and seems to be a very wonderful person,,,love your blog, following you now, hope you could visit my blog too..kissess!!!

  7. haha...I often wear tights under my dresses, not because of unshaved legs but because of saggy knees, it's a worst problem, you can't shave the knees off


  8. Great list! I would also add that it is okay to look at yourself in the mirror with cheesy gun fingers and say "Hey there, Sexy."

  9. lol. I love your 'it's okay list'. xoxo.

  10. American Horror Story is my FAVORITE show on television right now. it's so creepy but so. good.

  11. I absolutely stayed up way past my intended bed time last night catching up on American Horror Story! Such an amazing show... it just messes with your head! And I love that you're from Jacksonville! My parents live in St. Johns!


  12. I love Tosh & I'm sad to see the season be over as well :(

    & I think that IS what tights are for :)

    Happy Friday!

  13. OMG, I so agree with the Kardashian (or however you spell it) thing. I don't care for them and I don't watch the show but people that pour their energy into something as silly as boycotting a TV show are ridiculous.

    Yes, it's ok to where tights to cover up hairy legs (LOL).

  14. AHS is a good show and The Office is really not that entertaining anymore...

    ***** Marie *****


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