Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blog Award

Thank you to Suzie @ !Suzie Makes You Up!
and Melina @ Only A Flight Away
for giving me this blog award!

I really appreciate everyone that reads my blog and comments!
I've been blogging for what now seems like FOREVER
and for awhile it seemed like only my Aunt, 
my Mom and co-worker ever read it.  So the fact that
I am now teetering at hitting 100 followers chokes me up
at times.  (imagine Sally Field acceptance speech...
"You like really like me")

As for who I nominate ... 
(Yes, that means YOU!!)
You all are amazing and you all have great blogs!!

I'd like to give special thanks to a few....

She designed my button and all my labels!
She's amazing...check out her blog!!

You couldn't ask for a more devoted follower!
I love how she always has something going on
and right now she's doing Blog Secret Santa ...
sign up...I think the deadline is today!!
I could be your Secret Santa!!

I just want you to know that I understand what you
are going through...I went through it last year at this time.
My blog was silent a lot during that time because all I 
wanted to write about was how I was feeling but I didn't want to 
write about it.  It's okay to not blog....I'm here when you do.

Don't forget to post your blog award!
You deserve it!!

♥ Shia


  1. hi gorgeous!
    you totally deserve the award!
    you are amazing and seriously
    i enjoy reading your blog so much!
    i got a lot of love for ya friend~!

    happy hump day!


  2. Melina is a very devoted follower, shes great=)
    Im a new follower to you, check out my blog as well.

  3. Your blog is unique, and I always find interesting topics to talk about. You deserve an award. congrats! xoxo

  4. Congrats on the award dear! The blogosphere can definitely be a cool place ;)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. congrats on the awards! Happy holiday!


  6. Aww. No one in my family reads my blog... mostly because I don't want them too... But congrats on your awards.

  7. Thanks Shia. You're amazing. Thanks for the words of encouragement and the award.


  8. Melu ~ thank you sooooo much! You are too sweet!

    Mrs. S ~ Isn't she? Thank you for following!

    hello_Friday ~ thank you so much for your comment! I really try to make my blog like a woman's magazine and I try to put up fun stuff and more serious topics.

    Chic 'n Cheap ~ Thank you! Everyday I am just amazed at how amazing the blog world is!!

    Mongs ~ thank you and thank you for the shout out on your blog!!

    Aki ~ Once my mom emailed me to see if I was okay because I didn't blog for 2 days in a row...she's awesome! You should have your family read your blog...your blog is awesome!

    Andrea ~ You're welcome!! Email anytime if you need to chat!!

    Thanks you all're the best!!!

    ♥ Shia


Thank you so much for commenting! I really appreciate it!

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