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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So here's what I sent my Blog Secret Santa...

I found this cute box with a magnetic closure.

Then I filled it with goodies...kinda like a Birchbox.
~Calendar - super cute!!
~Baby Lips by Maybelline - love this stuff!!
~ ELF eyeshadow ~ glittery set
~Bedazzled bobby pins
~Bedazzled Mirror
~JR Watkins - lotion - this stuff works soooo good!!
~Zum Body - a friend turned me on to this's soooo good!
~My Blog Card - well I hope she likes it...
I haven't heard from her yet!

Here's Kitty "helping me" ~ she is totally me reincarnated as a cat!
She loves paper, pens, anything that looks crafty...
she always hangs out and watches or steals ribbon.

I haven't received my Secret Santa gift yet...hopefully soon!!
Can't wait!


  1. The JR Watkins lemon lotion is my favorite stuff in the entire world!


  2. Looks like a great gift!

  3. that is so cute!
    she is gonna love it!!

    :D can't wait to see everyone's gifts


  4. So... Not to be a total downer but (it is what it is and I'm being a downer) I was kind of bummed with the whole Secret Santa thing. I wont elaborate other than MEH!

    The gift you sent is adorable! I hope she appreciates it! :)

  5. PS: I want to stress that my disdain has nothing to do with Summer and Melina - they were/ are great! :) I know they worked extremely hard to put this together and I think they did an incredible job!

  6. aww i hope she likes it too!!! I have to try baby lips soon!!!


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