It's okay Thursday #4

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Link up with Amber!!

It's okay....

1) To hate Adobe....I am trying to load a free trial 
of Photoshop and it is taking FOREVER!!

2) To put so much time and effort into making 
Christmas cards when it's faster and probably
cheaper just to buy them premade!

3) To keep saying "Is it Friday YET?!?"  I mean hello
three day week totally through off the balance of
making it a full 5 days at work without complaining.

4) To look at your bank account and yell HOLLA! when 
you realize you got your Christmas bonus today!!

5) To have not participated in Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

6) To not be able to think of another entry.....
so help me out....what's okay today with you??

Don't forget to link up with Amber!!


  1. use the one i told ya love is like a photoshop but online

    its way easier and you don't have to
    download anything ;)


  2. picnik is awesome too!!! i pay 5 or 7 bucks a month or 20 a year to have access to premium edits... it's no Photoshop but it gets the job done =) ps... i hate adobe too!!!

  3. I think it's okay to slack off a little before finals. ;)

    I gave you a Kreativ Blogger Award. Check it out!

  4. i don't do black friday or cyber monday either! i'm not brave enough :)


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