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Monday, December 5, 2011

I saw this list over on one of my favorite blogs...

What I love about this is that ... you can see how much you already have accomplished to stay creative and then you can see a few more new ways of getting creative.  Like me, I am sure you can put a check mark next to quite a few of these.  Which ones stands out as completed?  For me it is #1  #2 and #30, I recently bought a journal which I carry EVERYWHERE now...there are blog ideas, to do lists (blog related & personal) and it's just so much easier now that everything is in one place and not scattered through out 100,000 notebooks.  I call my creative side my madness because it's constantly swirling around in my head and sometimes there's just too much of it so brilliance gets hidden in the whirlpool.  So now I have it all organized here....

Were you expecting something

Now anytime I am inspired about anything...I can write it down right then.  I used to have like 5 ideas at once and then forget them 5 minutes later so when I went to blog about it I would be like I know I had like 5 awesome posts swirling around in my mind....where did they go??

So what sticks out to me that I want to try or do more of?  #25!  To be a writer...I need to make it happen and when writing opportunities arise I need to stop shooting myself in the foot!  I can write...I am good at what I do!  Stop second guessing it!

Which ones stand out to you and why?


  1. I've done a few on that list. I love getting journals to jot any ideas I may have I actually have so many of them.


  2. I bought a journal 11 years ago its still in the package I forgot about it! Dont give it up I never found or made the time and its a great idea! Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Great ideas here, I am all about getting creative! :-)

  4. fantastic list, shia. inspiring and fun. :)

  5. Every time I come here I end up smiling. For me it's 16 and 32.

  6. i like this list! take risks is probably the hardest one for me.


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