Thursday, December 22, 2011

I painted my own nails and...they look good okay decent!!
Plus matches they my ring...LOL
This is my attempt at holiday wear...
some how it always manages to be
blue white & silver....
hmmm....wonder why?


  1. Love your mani, and that it matches your ring, that's so cute!

  2. cute love!
    i like the color
    and beautiful ring btw!

    Melina ♥

  3. they are cute! i like the glitter.

    care to follow?

  4. are you jewish? is that why you're wearing blue, white and silver? lol nice ring, and your nails look really cute!

  5. way to go on the mani! that's so on my to-do list before Christmas Eve!

  6. Love it!!! I love sparkles and i love blue =)

  7. Mal ~ thanks =) I was quite proud...I'm the worst at painting my own nails!

    Melu ~ thanks I'm quite proud of it...the My friends teased me that when I first got it I stared at it ALL THE TIME...I still sometimes get lost in the sparkle.

    aly7 ~ thanks and I'm following!

    Jessica ~ thanks!

    The Mrs. ~ thanks! It actually didn't make it until Christmas but oh well!

    Mily ~ I love blue too...that's why my engagement ring has sapphires...I think I also wear blue clothes at least 90 percent of the time as

    Thank you all for your comments ~ I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!

    ♥ Shia


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