Happy Friday!

Friday, December 16, 2011

I made it!  This has felt like the longest week of my life!  Work was EXTREMELY busy, traffic was horrible everyday, then Wednesday we had our Christmas party and then it was only Thursday so I am seriously feeling TGIF this week!

Here's my weekend To Do List:

Tomorrow I am meeting up with my sister, Debra, and my niece, Kaelyn, to pick up Kaelyn's Christmas pictures!  Then a little last minute shopping.

Then Sunday ~ I'm blogging my entire week!  So stay tuned for...Guest Post from one of my fab followers, Christmas cards I made, my Blog Secret Santa's gift (and maybe mine if I get it this weekend) and my December Birchbox!  So exciting stuff to come!

How excited are you that it is finally Friday?  What are your plans?  


  1. oh my gosh it WAS such a long week! Your weekend sounds fun and relaxing ( I see blogging on sunday's as relaxing haha ) - I'm of to watch my little sister graduate from college this weekend, pretty excited about that - since she's only 20 years old and graduating with honors =) Have a great weekend girl!


  2. sounds like a fun weekend :)
    i haven't done any holiday shopping at all, so i'm stuck doing that allllll weekend :\

  3. looks like a busy weekend!
    don't forget to have fun love
    relax and take a break ♥


  4. I hear you on the bad traffic...took my 2 hours to get home and go EIGHT Miles last night. UGH!!

    Have a great weekend!


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