New Year's Resolutions

Friday, December 30, 2011

So it's that time of year again ... to focus on all the "bad" and wage war against it.  

About 45% of adults make a new year's resolution and only about 75% of those adults make it past the first week.  The six month mark drops to 46%.

At this time of the year, I try to stay away from the obvious cliche resolutions...blah blah blah.  (UNLESS YOURS IS TO QUIT SMOKING!!!  DO THAT PUH-LEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  I do try to think of something that I need to work on ...I mean it is a resolution.  

For example, one year I made a resolution to wear my seat belt.  In my early 20s I never did (plus it was BEFORE cars beeped until you put it on) and I was actually proud when the seat belt man light burned out on my car.  I know I know...Shia is much too wise to not wear one now.  This is my point, I was doing something reckless and dangerous to myself EVERY time I drove so I resolved to fix it and I did. 

So this year, I think my new year's resolutions will be.....

to style my hair more often...seriously it has been a hot mess for like FOREVER now and grown to like 24 inches long...I got a hair cut and I've been rocking the K-Dash hair.  I also figured out a way of curling it faster than using a curling iron (cuz I gots LOTS of ... ROLLERS!!
Conair Rollers - I got them at Wal-Mart  for like $20.  I use the black rollers for the middle section of my head for volume and the purple ones for the sides. They only take about 10 mins to put in and I can wear them while I'm getting dressed and putting on my makeup and by the time I am ready to go...take them out and TADA...fab K-Dash hair without using the curling iron for an hour!

to get "good" at painting my own saw the blue and glittery nails...I did a pretty decent job just think of how awesome I can be if I just did it more often!!!

to embrace things that make me happy (blogging, writing and family) and give less emotion to the things that don't (work)...this is my one "cliche" resolution but it is seriously something that I need to work on.   I spend WAY to much energy complaining and hating my work life that it envelopes my entire life.  I realize that the economy is poor and there are tons of people in the US that currently don't have jobs...that's precisely why I haven't quit.  I know I need my job that is why it controls me but I don't need to be emotionally attached to my job.  I can come to work ~ do my job and leave.  It might be hard to explain to others...hell Paul doesn't even get it...but as long as I know what I need to do to fix it is key.  As for blogging, writing and family, I really want to embrace these things more.  I am so grateful that my blog has gotten so much attention in the past couple of months.  Every one of you reading and commenting have a special place in my heart.  I love you all!!  While blogging is great, I need to write more.  I have a couple of opportunities to write outside of my blog and I need to focus more on it (here's where the stressing about work needs to subside so I have the energy to do it).  Also, I need to have faith that I can write outside of my blog.  It's like I'm too scared if it's somewhere other than here ... like it's "not perfect".  GET OVER IT SHIA!!  Last and finally not least is family, I adore my nieces so much as you all know but my sisters and I always have an up and down relationship.  Nicole (Marissa & Leah's mommy) and I have been pretty close for many years now but my sister, Debra (Kaelyn's mommy), haven't until recently.  Debra and I have a great relationship at the moment.  I practically see her every weekend and we haven't argued in forever.  I want it to stay that way!!!  Also, complaining and feeling less stress from work will make my daily life with Paul so much better...I know he has to be tried of all the complaining....I AM!!

So there you have new year's resolutions.  Please don't attack me over the job stuff I am QUITE aware of the people that don't have jobs.  I do have a very stressful job and I'm really trying to just make it just a job.

My challenge to you to think outside of the box when it comes to resolutions.  I found this website with 101 New Year's Resolutions (click HERE).  So what's your new year's resolution??


  1. I love Calvin and Hobbes, they're amazing!

    Great resolutions! Happy New Year!!!

  2. hi pretty lady :)
    check out my blog today you are there!
    thank you so much for the gift
    i left you a cute little message in my
    post :)

    Have a happy new years and
    enjoy your weekend ok?!
    take lots of picturessssssssss

    Melina ♥

  3. I have been wanting to try those curlers but no one has said if they work well…now I know! Can’t wait to try them! Also, love your blog you are an amazing writer!

  4. Happy NEw Year!! I'm in the same situation jobwides (fingers crossed we both find something in the new year) and with so many people getting laid off I try not to complain... even though i really really REALLY don't like what i do! lol.

    my new years resolutionis so improve my photography skills I might pick something else but I haven't decided yet.

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  6. Mal - aren't they the best! I was so happy when I found the comic strip!

    Melu - you're welcome! You are an amazing blogger and friend!!

    Hannah ~ thank you!! The curlers are great...let me know if you get them and how you like them!!

    Emmett Katherine ~ thank you so much for understanding/relating! I've made it 3 days so far without feeling like I want to quit so - so far sticking to my resolution. Good luck to you too and can't wait to see all your photos ~ are you going to try to take it up as a profession or just a hobby?

    Thank you all for your comments!!

    ♥ Shia


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