"Bad" Gifts?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So we all seem to get things that are less than desirable.
What should we do with it?

1) Return it ~ if you can return it for something useful...go for it!
Stores are less likely to ask for a receipt right after the holidays, 
so you'll probably get store credit to swap for something else
sometimes you can get a gift card but it's still store credit.

2) Re-gift it?  This is a slippery slope...if it's truly a "bad"
gift why do that to someone else?  But if it is just something
that you don't personally like but someone else might...go for it!
Just be careful of who you re-gift it wouldn't want the 
original gift giver to find out and their feelings get hurt.

3) Give to Charity!  Don't throw it away!  Give it to charity.
Sometimes I think this is also a slippery slope ~ what
just because you have nothing you should get something 
crappy?  Something better than nothing?  Sigh!  I guess
it's better than going to a landfill and maybe it will 
make someone happy to have it.

4) Swap!  Kinda like re-gifting but more fun!
Did you get something you don't like and you can't
return it?  Let me know and maybe we can do a swap!

What's the worst Christmas present you received?
Yes yes...all gifts are given from the heart...blah blah blah.
But you all know that sometimes you get something that's 
just not right.  So I want to hear your funny story!


  1. thanks for the great suggestions, I have a stack of gifts sitting on the table waiting for me to do something about them. I still owe you a guest blogpost, haha...I am going to get down to it really soon! Have a really wonderful new year Shia!


  2. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog! What do you mean you can't follow my blog? On the top of my page there should be a follow button. I hope that helps! :)

  3. Mongs ~ no rush...anytime you are free! Have a Happy New Year as well!!

    Joanna ~ follow stuff ~ not showing up just your header and your pic =( Sorry!

  4. During college we would do secret santa, my best friend in the group ended up giving me a nail polish set with the ugliest colors!

  5. i dont know if i ever got a bad gift I've gotten stuff that didn't fit but I would alwayd get the same thing in the right size.... Hope you had a great Christmas =)

  6. Once my Mother in Law regifted me, she gave me jewelry set and at the bottom of the box it still had a tag that said to her from someone

    I didnt mind though it just really made me laugh, because my husband always told me she regifts

  7. Consumer Reports did a survey recently about what to do with unwanted gifts. 2% of people actually give them back to the person who gifted them in the first place!

  8. Sarah ~ that's the worst when it's from a best friend ~ hello...haven't we

    Mily ~ that's awesome that you've never received anything "bad" ~ you are surrounded by great gifters =)

    PolaBerry ~ that is hilarious that it still had the original tag on it!

    Ashton ~ you have me they give it back to the person as a gift or just like poo I don't like this take it back? I have a serial bad gifter in my mix and I never say anything because I don't want to hurt their feelings.

    Thank you all for your comments and funny stories!!

    ♥ Shia

  9. great post! I like the swapping idea, very creative! I cracked up at the photo you used, love that movie =)

  10. I don't accept a lot of gifts if they're too expensive or I don't think I'm going to absolutely love it. But I have a strange relationship in my family with gifts.

  11. They give it back as soon as they open it because they don't like it. It's crazy.

    On the other side of the scale, Consumer Reports also predicted that 20% of adults would get an unwanted gift this year.


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