Monday, December 12, 2011

So my Monday was off to a pretty bad start...
it raining so the drive to work was EXTRA long.
So by the time I got here...I was in a "I'm so over this" mood!

However, instead of making the day miserable I tried and succeeded to get rid of this horribleness I was feeling!

Here are the ways I got over my case of the Mondays...

1) I checked my email....and realized I have new followers =)  I just love when new people find my blog and appreciate the's like getting a gold star =)

2) I remembered I have one more thing to pick up and then I can mail my Secret Santa stuff...I'll take pics and I'm requesting that she take pics to send me of her opening it or post about it and I can link it.

3) I remembered how much I got done over the weekend!  Seriously my blog stuff, closet, makeup, under the sink ... ALL ORGANIZED...this is huge!  I am notorious for letting my personal stuff just pile up while I focus more on work.

4) On the drive to work, realizing it is only 13 more days until Christmas...I can't wait for my nieces to open all their presents....I will post pics...all of Marissa's stuff is Hello Kitty!

5) Speaking of Hello Kitty...the Avon lady emailed me to say that she'll be dropping off Marissa's necklace and ring today at noon!!  It made it on time!!  It was on back order!!

6) Finally, decided to do a blog link up!  So make my Monday and LINK UP!!

So what turned your horrible Monday around?


  1. I meant to wake up 3 hours ago. And I just did. So that's a pretty bad start right there. I'll have to see if I can turn it around.

  2. Yeah, I know, I hate Mondays too! But, you're closer to the weekend!
    xoxo, signified secrets


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