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Birthday Shopping Spree

Here's all the awesome stuff I bought!

a & b) Printed Dress Pants NY&Co. BOGO 50% off!  Love (a) reminds me of those H&M pants from my last Friday Fancy!  I paired them with a black top and purple sweater.  Super cute.  (b) I wore with the Chambray top and a pink sweater.

c) Clearance Old Navy - too big but totally rocking it with a pencil skirt today at work.  I rolled up the arms and the rest looks pretty good - baggy and all!

d) Chambray Shirt - NY&Co. - love this shirt!  I've seen so many fab outfits using a Chambray Shirt so I just had to get one.  It was a bit of a splurge but totally worth it!

e) Emerald sweater from The Loft - on clearance!  Also, I looked EVERYWHERE for emerald ... you would think the color of the year would be easier to find!

f) Heels from Sears "Bongo" - I know weird place to look for shoes - I have this monstrous gift card from there so I basically got these FOR FREE!  YAY!  Also, I haven't worn them yet because I am…

Sephora = Bad Customer Service

So during my fabulous birthday shopping spree, I stopped in at Sephora.  Did I need anything?  No.  I just wanted my birthday gift.

But I looked around ... I came across clearance bins!  YAY!  I found a whole bin full of nail effects.  The bill was clearly marked $5 so I dug through the bin looking for a pattern I would like.  I thought $5 why not plus when I found these ...  I was sold black with white polka dots - heavenly! Since I looked at almost each one in that container I knew there was more than one of these patterns in that box therefore yay legit clearance item!  So I thought, I got up to the counter and it rang up $9. I say oh sorry there must be a mistake I got these out of the $5 bin with tons (and there were tons) of other ones.  The sales associate huffs over to the bin ... I tag along because you never know what shady-ness you are dealing with - she grabs a handful and heads back to the counter.  She starts ringing them up.  This one is $5, this one is $7, this one i…

thank you all for the birthday wishes

I had a fabulous birthday.  Saturday I hung out with a friend and then did some alone time birthday shopping the best time when you can just get in the zone and be super through of the racks and try on like everything 10 times.  I found some fab stuff.  Post to come!  Sunday night I rocked one of my new outfits to a fab dinner with my hubby.  It was great.  All in all I couldn't have asked for a better birthday and all your comments just made it even more special.  So thank you all so very much!  You're the best!  Also, a big girl pat on the back, this is my first birthday since my 25th (oh dear lawd let's not even discuss that one) that I haven't cried!  YAY Shia is growing up and accepting it!  Go me!!!
Again thank you all for your birthday wishes!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Friday Fancies #3

Link up with all of us over at {LONG DISTANCE LOVING}!
What is black and white and red all over (well hints of red) ... Awhile ago, I questioned my style (HERE) and a former acquaintance told me that if she had to describe my style it would be black and white.  Somehow now looking back that doesn't quite seem like a compliment.  So once I saw this was an upcoming outfit for Friday Fancies ... I got to wondering ... how am I going to rock this black and white outfit because obviously I need to push it out of my safe zone since said comment.  Also, the whole point of me being part of this link up is to prove to myself that I do indeed have style.  
When I found those pants (they are from H&M and I love them plus hello they are $20 - I am totally getting them) I knew this outfit was going to rock.  I think this would be a perfect outfit to wear out to dinner for my birthday on Sunday!   If you read that old post (again HERE) - my strong area is not accessories.  I accessorized t…

it's okay thursday #33

to sometimes feel like you have no idea how to use blogger.  Recently, Shanna helped me out in regards to being a no reply blogger.  Thanks again Shanna!!  Hello, I had no clue!  Seriously, check to see if you are.  The easiest way to check if you don't know is to comment on your own blog - does your email come up on the comment email you receive?  If not you are a no reply blogger and here is how to fix it. 
~Also, I've had tons of comments lately, thank you all soooooo much.  I seriously get tickled pink when I get comments and new followers.  My old work blog buddy abandoned me so I have to tell all my non blog buddies about it every time.  They act like they are excited but ... you know ... sigh nonbloggers!  Anywho, I have been replying back to each and every comment via Reply on my comments.  I didn't know until Wednesday morning that - no one is getting the actual reply but me - womp womp wommppppp.  So as of today (ahem Wednesday look at me blogging ahead) I will …

like totally done with like saying like

So I am one of THOSE people ... I say LIKE!  Not so much in my professional conversations but you know when gabbing with friends.  Have you ever noticed (those of you likers) that when you try NOT to say like ... you then can't NOT say it.  It's like dang I like said it again!  Dang it!  
I came to this realization driving to work this morning when a girl called into the radio show I was listening to and she was SUPER VALLEY!  I thought ugh and turned the station.  Now I don't think I am that bad but even an tad of valley girl can be annoying ... am I right?
So I did a little googling ... of course ... and found THIS!  Hilarious!  Nine steps to stop saying like ... maybe there are support groups too?  Hmmmmmm
So, I am done! What about you are you a "liker"?

Best Makeup Face Brush!!!

So I am putting on my makeup this morning and then it hit me ... well actually it gently glided across my face...but I realized ... why haven't I told you about my new face brush?  Well here it goes ...
Recently, I decided to purchase the new Bareminerals foundation that is pressed into a compact.  While at the Bareminerals boutique, my sales assistant showed me this new brush.  She recommended it for the compact because of the smoothness of the brush and the overall coverage you get.  Well $22?  I wasn't super convinced that I needed a new brush besides I already loved my Full Flawless Brush that I had been using.  Then she used the brush on me to apply some of the pressed foundation and OMG ... it felt like velvet brushing across my cheek.  Seriously SUPER soft and the coverage is awesome!  There is no more swirling ... it is just glide across the pressed foundation and glide it across your face.  
I've actually been using this brush on my loose original Bareminerals fo…


Instyle - Look of the Day
Jennifer LawrenceWHAT SHE WOREAt Chateau Marmont, Lawrence worked her curves in a blue sheath and added a metallic clutch and patent leather peep-toes.

Not only do I love this dress - the color is stunning! I love a soft vivid blue with paler skin ... I think it reminds me of Snow White ... I know weird but something about the blue against winter skin just makes it sing.
What is your go to winter color?

Friday Fancies #2

So for this week my outfit crush was found on In Her Stilettos. I could have copied NUMEROUS outfits from her ... she has amazing style and fabulous pieces in her wardrobe that she is constantly mixing around and making new fabulous outfits!
Here's the outfit I picked as my crush... In Her Stilettos
There is just SOOO much that I love love LOVE about this outfit.  First, I love that coat! Second, I love the polka dots with the stripes!  Third, I absolutely adore the blush pink with the blue ... totally fabulous ... so here is my ....

To not make it exactly the same I added a peplum skirt and a bold necklace.  I decided to go with a blush pink bag rather than blue because I am in love with blush pink at the moment.  Also, I chose a more nude shoe ... I absolutely love the one I picked.  
So what do you think?  Fabulous? Also, if you have not signed up yet for this link up ... do it now! It is so much fun!

It's Okay Thursday #32

Link up!! It's Okay

~ to wish for Friday - I've got mad plans for this weekend and I'm ready to get them going.
~ to be excited that one of the girls is spending the night on Friday.  My three year old niece Kaelyn is spending the night for the first time!  
~ to be a tad scared.  What if she gets scared and cries all night?  What if getting up and getting ready on Saturday is harder than I think ... I mean come on people ... I have NO IDEA how moms get up, get their kids ready for school or daycare and get to work BEFORE noon!  I can barely get myself out the door!
~ to hear about Manti Te'o on the radio this morning and I'm screaming he got CATFISHED.... HE GOT CATFISHED at the radio!!!  If you haven't seen the documentary or tv show on MTV check it out!  It is INSANE!  Especially, the film.  It is UNREAL!
~ to be proud of myself that my birthday is coming up and I'm not fearing it yet ... I guess once you hit those milestone numbers it really is all down…

Reverse Clothes Hanger Trick

So in case you haven't read yet, my new year's resolution is to be more organized at home. So I thought I would share with you a little trick I found online for getting rid of unwanted clothes.  It is easy enough for anyone to do, you hang all your clothes up with the hangers reversed.  Anytime you wear something, wash it, it goes back with the hanger normal.  After a few months (3 to 6 months), whatever clothes that are still on a  backwards hanger - DONATE THEM!! I have 3 months calendared but go for 6 months if you live somewhere cold and obviously aren't going to be wearing any of your summer stuff anytime soon.  
No cheating though, if you put something on from a backwards hanger and decide not to wear it, hang it back up backwards because you didn't wear it!
I'll update you with my results in about three months.  I'm not expecting a tremendous amount of stuff to donate because I am pretty good about donating my unwanted clothes.  Also, right before I re…

What do you forget?

We must be related!
Yesterday I am minutes from work - pull down my sun visor - look in the mirror and AGHHH ... I forgot to put mascara on!  This has happened to me quiet often recently.  Why do I forget?  I mean yesterday I remembered thinking okay next up mascara but then somehow I forgot?  What the heck?
There used to be this girl at work who would forget deodorant and she was constantly asking me if I had some.  I used to think ... how do you forget deodorant but HOW DO YOU FORGET MASCARA WHEN YOU'RE STARING IN THE MIRROR???
So come on ... tell me that me and stinky aren't alone ... what do you forget?

Makes You Wonder ...

Okay - yes I stole this pic from google images to make a point!
I wonder what possesses people to think they need EVERY SINGLE ONE?  Seriously google "lip butter" and see how many arms out there with the entire collection on them you find!!  I can understand trying a new product and loving it and reviewing it on your blog.  We all do it - it's great.  But do you seriously need every single shade that product comes in?  Is it me or do they have numerous shades for different skin color combinations - not for you to actually own each one!  It's just such a waste of money.  I own ONE of these and barely use that one - I can't see having the entire collection sitting around in my bathroom.  
I am not innocent in this rant.  As you can see, I have this box full of beauty box stuff.  I wonder - why do I keep getting these boxes?  Obviously I am not using it - why keep getting it - the fear of missing out?  What if the next box has awesome stuff?  No more my blog friend…

Friday Fancies #1

So I stumbled across this link up over at {long distance loving} - to get started -  you sign up on the mailing list for the weekly topic. So I thought I would give it a try. I have been trying desperately to make myself more stylish so I thought why not participate in this link up to help myself become better at putting cute outfits together. Currently, I am focusing on making my work wear more exciting.  Normally I am someone to put a bunch of blah things together because they "match" so recently I have tried to focus on pops of color, playing with patterns and putting colors together that you don't automatically think of ... so when this week's topic was emerald ~ the color of the year.  I thought I would try to be as stylish as I could and come up with a fun way of using emerald with out the obvious ... green everything or black and green.  This was super fun to put together ... now I am going to try to create this look for myself!  I LOVE that skirt!!
So have …

It's Okay Thursday #31

Link Up!
It's Okay ...
to be mad when our firm is out of Excedrin ... I know they are providing it for us for "free" but once you get used to something being there and it's not there when you have a major headache ... it's normal to get pissy!
to put your sweater all nice on the back of your chair ... roll back in your chair ... sweater falls and you then run over it!  Tire tracks are in this season.
to hate your scale ... not for what it states when you step on ... but for the sheer fact that the three times you did it gave you three completely different answers!  Which one is it?  Am I supposed to take the average or the mean?
for your current "schedule" for this week is get up go to work, come home to go to sleep and repeat.  This is how I roll until this horrible cold is gone.  Sleep seems to be the only time I feel well.
to be super proud of myself for having 3 rocking posts this week with this horrible cold!  Stay tuned for tomorrow's fabulous…

No more Bad Haircuts!!

I'm not going to say that I just recently HAD a bad haircut but in the end it didn't turn out EXACTLY how I wanted it.  So when I found these tips on (CLICK HERE for original article) and thought I would share:
1) Discuss the feel of what you want. This is the easy part, right? You bring in pictures as examples and get into the specifics. But that's not where you should stop. You need to discuss the vibe you're going for. Long layers can be romantic or edgy, for example, and the difference all has to do with technique. So make if you're going for beachy boho, speak up—don't just say "I want to bring out my natural wave." That can be interpreted in different ways, which can lead to walking out with a cut you never intended to get. Got it?
2) Show, don't tell. I'm talking about length here. For some reason, an inch seems to be an every-changing measure of length in the hair world. So show the stylist how much you want taken off by d…

Jennifer Hudson Too Thin?

Since it is "that time of year" (you know ... weight loss month) I thought I would express some feelings I am having toward this magazine cover.  As we all know, Jennifer Hudson is a spokesperson for Weight Watchers.  This magazine cover makes her look TOO THIN!  At first when I saw this I got disgusted like what is Weight Watchers doing?  The great thing about them is they approach weight loss with a realistic healthy approach but she is looking TOO THIN!   Picture un-"cover"ed - you can see that Lucky did photoshop! . I think this picture as it is - would have been a better representation!
Maybe I am being to critical ... the two photos aren't that DRASTICALLY different but I am just sick of magazine covers giving a false reality of what people look like especially someone who is a spokesperson for weight loss - let's keep it realistic - you have people looking up to you and using you as inspiration.
What do you think about magazine covers?

Benefit Sale-abration!

Benefit Sale-Abration!
So if you are like me, you love Benefit Cosmetics, but often forget that they have their own website (normally buy from Ulta, Sephora and Department Stores).  Now is the time to hit up the website!  I've checked out the sale items and there are SOOOO many great ones!  There are kits (including Finding Mr. Bright - which I love - CLICK HERE), tools, bags and makeup on sale!  Also, please note that if any of your favorites are on sale ... that means Benefit is doing away with them so now your last chance to stock up before they are gone.  This happened to me once with some face wash I used to use from them.  CLICK HERE for the story!   What's your favorite Benefit product? Happy Shopping!

Friday Letters #5

Dear Husband, After the day I had yesterday ... coming home to you was just what I needed - Thank you!  Dear Shia, When you feel as if others don't believe just remember the ones that matter actually do.  Dear Nicole, Seriously, it's girl scout cookie time?  Why do I feel like I need the merit badge for selling all these cookies for Marissa?  Dear Girl Scouts, Can't we just have ONE year off?  I mean just think how much you'll sell next year!  Dear Blog, Hi - remember me ... your "Author" well I feel like we need to have a talk.  I've totally been going through the motions.  Wait wait ... don't cry ... hear me out.  I still love you ... we can get through this ... TOGETHER!  Dear Readers, Okay I'm done apologizing because life happens and sometimes blogging doesn't happen but with that said ... as you just witnessed ... my blog and I are on the mend so keep checking in to this amazing world of randomness.  Believe me ... it's pretty awesom…

It's Okay Thursday #30

Don't forget to link up!
It's Okay...
that I've done like a million of these filler posts instead of actual posts in like FOREVER!
that I spent all last night working on my New Year's Resolution of being more organized at home and still have a lot more work to do good thing I have 365 days more or less okay less.  
in doing so (getting more organized) ... I figured out a game plan for actual posts ... YAY coming soon!  I was hoping for today but ... see the next entry ... 
that I feel like I need to just go home and wake up again ... nothing has gone right today.  I got to work early, ate breakfast (YAY) and had high hopes for today and then BAM cluster f$#* of  horribleness!  
that I would rather die of asphyxiation (holding it in until I keel over) then to cry at work.  Never going to happen!
that it is Thursday.  I know I just used the title in the post.  I hate when movies do that like HA HA ... I just said the title of the movie ... I am so cool.  Let me explain -…