Friday Letters #5

Friday, January 4, 2013

Dear Husband, After the day I had yesterday ... coming home to you was just what I needed - Thank you!  Dear Shia, When you feel as if others don't believe just remember the ones that matter actually do.  Dear Nicole, Seriously, it's girl scout cookie time?  Why do I feel like I need the merit badge for selling all these cookies for Marissa?  Dear Girl Scouts, Can't we just have ONE year off?  I mean just think how much you'll sell next year!  Dear Blog, Hi - remember me ... your "Author" well I feel like we need to have a talk.  I've totally been going through the motions.  Wait wait ... don't cry ... hear me out.  I still love you ... we can get through this ... TOGETHER!  Dear Readers, Okay I'm done apologizing because life happens and sometimes blogging doesn't happen but with that said ... as you just witnessed ... my blog and I are on the mend so keep checking in to this amazing world of randomness.  Believe me ... it's pretty awesome when you take a look around ... let me know if you want examples. {wink}  


  1. Nooo no break from the cookies, I need my cookies every year!! :)

    1. I know ... I know ... as hard as I try to resist you cave not only because you don't want to tell a 6 year old NO! But come on those gs can make some cookies!

      Happy Friday!


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