It's Okay Thursday #30

Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's Okay...

that I've done like a million of these filler posts instead of actual posts in like FOREVER!

that I spent all last night working on my New Year's Resolution of being more organized at home and still have a lot more work to do good thing I have 365 days more or less okay less.  

in doing so (getting more organized) ... I figured out a game plan for actual posts ... YAY coming soon!  I was hoping for today but ... see the next entry ... 

that I feel like I need to just go home and wake up again ... nothing has gone right today.  I got to work early, ate breakfast (YAY) and had high hopes for today and then BAM cluster f$#* of  horribleness!  

that I would rather die of asphyxiation (holding it in until I keel over) then to cry at work.  Never going to happen!

that it is Thursday.  I know I just used the title in the post.  I hate when movies do that like HA HA ... I just said the title of the movie ... I am so cool.  Let me explain - that you should never have to work on a Monday then have a Tuesday off because come Wednesday you think it is Monday and then so on.  It is just horrible.

that it is only 2:02 ... I still have plenty of time for this day to turn around ... how about that for optimism!

What's okay with you today?
(I hope your day is better than mine!)

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