It's Okay Thursday #31

Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's Okay ...

to be mad when our firm is out of Excedrin ... I know they are providing it for us for "free" but once you get used to something being there and it's not there when you have a major headache ... it's normal to get pissy!

to put your sweater all nice on the back of your chair ... roll back in your chair ... sweater falls and you then run over it!  Tire tracks are in this season.

to hate your scale ... not for what it states when you step on ... but for the sheer fact that the three times you did it gave you three completely different answers!  Which one is it?  Am I supposed to take the average or the mean?

for your current "schedule" for this week is get up go to work, come home to go to sleep and repeat.  This is how I roll until this horrible cold is gone.  Sleep seems to be the only time I feel well.

to be super proud of myself for having 3 rocking posts this week with this horrible cold!  Stay tuned for tomorrow's fabulousness (yes a word)!

to almost be ready to admit that the reason why the bottom drawer of my desk can never stay organized is because there is too much stuff in it!  I am almost there .... almost!

to feel obligated to put on makeup in the morning (while sick) for respect to co-workers and clients but hair ... heck no ... bun'in it up!!  You are lucky I am not showing up in sweatpants ... omg ... that sounds AMAZING right now!!

to argue with Paul over the weather (thick Florida air) vs. pollution and its effects on my sinuses - yes folks - these are the arguments we have - nothing serious like money, whatever else normal people argue about - we argue about air.

What's okay with you today?
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  1. My entire family has been sick the past couple of weeks, on and off, I would hate to know that I had to drag myself to an actual job. O_o Bless you!

    I hope you feel better soon, and well enough to un-bun your hair.

    Amanda @3lilapples a new follow courtesy of A Complete Waste of Makeup.

    1. Thank you Amanda! Sorry to hear your family has been sick. Hope you are all on the mend.

      Thanks for commenting and following me!


  2. Feel better soon! Buns are in and hey, you have to do what you have to do to recover so I hope you're resting up!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

    1. Thanks! Totally rocking bun #5 today ;-) I long for Saturday morning to sleep in.



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