Sephora = Bad Customer Service

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So during my fabulous birthday shopping spree, I stopped in at Sephora.  Did I need anything?  No.  I just wanted my birthday gift.

But I looked around ... I came across clearance bins!  YAY!  I found a whole bin full of nail effects.  The bill was clearly marked $5 so I dug through the bin looking for a pattern I would like.  I thought $5 why not plus when I found these ... 
I was sold black with white polka dots - heavenly!
Since I looked at almost each one in that container I knew there was more than one of these patterns in that box therefore yay legit clearance item!  So I thought, I got up to the counter and it rang up $9. I say oh sorry there must be a mistake I got these out of the $5 bin with tons (and there were tons) of other ones.  The sales associate huffs over to the bin ... I tag along because you never know what shady-ness you are dealing with - she grabs a handful and heads back to the counter.  She starts ringing them up.  This one is $5, this one is $7, this one is $9.  I politely say ... how am I supposed to know that?  The bin states $5.  It doesn't say $5 and up.  The other girl at the counter says MA'AM blah blah blah and her two cents as if she is Mrs. Sephora and I am taking $4 out of the mouths of her little Sephora children.  I look at her and say ... are you the manager?  She says NO!  Well I would prefer to talk to the sales associate I am working with or the manager.  Thank you.  Dirty looks.  I then say, I'm sorry.  Are we supposed to assume that the price you have listed on all the items in the store are a maybe or they are the price?  Dirty look girl says ... we'll fix it.  So $5 and my birthday gift.  Go me!  I am sure they did not appreciate the fact that I wasn't willing to give up the $5 stated price but isn't it an unwritten rule that whatever the tag says is the price and it's the company's loss if they marked it wrong?

Am I wrong?  
Also, I just hate when I get MA'AMed with attitude ... 
it's like they are saying I KNOW you know I am doing this to insult you!


  1. BIATCH'S!!! So glad you didnt back down and showed them. I would have done the same thing because if it doesnt say 5 and up - no way i would have paid 9. On the good note, i love free birthday gifts from them.

  2. Some people are so ruuude! Its their fault that the box was priced wrong. "the customer is always right" should be followed. I would've still talked to the manager or sent them an email saying that the sales woman was rude. They might give you something. I did like the Fresh lip balms last year, and can't wait to get my b-day present from them this year.

  3. Happy birthday! I also agree the customer is always right :) I would also write an email.

  4. I have worked in retail many years and I was always taught the customer is always right. I'm glad that you stood your ground and didn't let them win :)

  5. That's horrible, I can understand that people have bad days...but when it's a $4 difference, the customer should just be able to pay what they think the price is. The story that has proven to be the best in handling that is Target! Anyways, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

    Twirling Clare

  6. Ha ha ha too funny!! Glad you got your five dollar nail art!! I can't stand rude people in retail, like really what do you care anyways??! Hope the rest of your birthday shopping spree was a success :)

  7. How rude canny get u were right

  8. I don't think that would happen at our Sephora! Lordy! Glad you got your bday gift though! That's always fun!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  9. It’s a shame that we are in 2013 and most companies can't keep track of their customers. Calls are constantly lost or you end up speaking to someone that has no idea what they are doing. It is nice to see the lengths good businesses are going to now to ensure that customer experience is memorable and satisfying. I know some companies like to install a queue management system or some other type of software that enables them to stay on top of customer progress.

  10. Cashier at Sephora starhill malaysia named Sarah never notify me about the 10% nor did she ask for my member card. I used mastercard debit & usually just sign instead of entering pin. I then went to another cashier named Allyia who politely notified me about the 10% off & had no problems doing the transaction.Sarah is so rude & discriminating.i noticed she offered other customers the 10%. Beware bad service happens worldwide all over their stores!


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