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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So when my old phone died I was sad because I had no way of getting my photos off of it.  I didn't have texting so I couldn't text them anywhere and the phone would barely stay on so I thought there was no hope. I had a moment of genius on the way to Best Buy when Paul and I were going to get my laptop.  I thought...I could buy a mini SD card to save my photos on and then transfer them to my new phone.  Better yet...the mini SD card came with an SD card adapter...basically an SD card that the mini SD card plugged into all of which cost $9.99!!!!.  AND my new laptop has an SD port sooooooo Phone pics are HERE!!!  

These were my first flowers from Paul.  He got them for me for my 30th birthday.  Which he referred to as my  "29th" and now I am forever trying to remember how old I am...HAHAHAHA
These pics are all from the trip to the St. Augustine outlets...I think she is like 2 years old in these...she's going on 5 now.
Trip to the mall for her winter coat.  I think she's still about 2 in these photos.
She's looking at herself in the dressing room mirror.
Afterwards we rode the train around the mall.  I had to take a picture of Nicole in the
Infamous kitty dino fight.  I bought Marissa a dinosaur that had an attack mode with a senor.  Kitty leaped and so did the dinosaur and the fight began.  I was cracking up.
Kitty's first Christmas.  Yes those are my shoes laying around in the background.  Paul hates it when I don't put them
The Jew Tree...Blue Silver and White decoration.  With the dinosaur guarding
Nicole was watching our pets one Christmas when we went to Indiana to see Paul's family.  She sent me this via text (yes there was a time I DID have texting)
Marissa again...random photo taken at Chickfila...LOOK AT THE STYROFOAM!  I'm pretty sure she's 2 in this one as well.  
Debra had Kaelyn when I was on vacation.  
This was my first picture of Kaelyn sent to me just after she was born via text.
Kaelyn day 2

Kaelyn about a week old. 
Random photo of Daisy...I love how she always has an OH SHIT look when I take her
Marissa as tinkerbell for Halloween 2 years ago.
Paul and I are out watching football and I am taking a picture of him without him paying attention.
He caught me...this is him telling me to  This used to be my background on my phone.
About a year ago at Steak n Shake.

Marissa and I went to the zoo she is on the carousel.
She likes making funny faces...can you tell?
She was making a monkey face and noise while being on this didn't turn out well on the camera and there were tons of people time to perfect it.
 This was later that day at the SECOND playground....she took this picture of herself with my phone.

I am so glad I didn't lose all of these pictures AND I am really glad I got to put them up on the blog and now I feel like I ALWAYS have a camera with me now.  Because my new phone as a micro SD card port and I can just plug it straight into my computer and share with all of you.

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