Morning Day One

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So the first couple of days are always the hardest.  It always seems like once I tell my body that I am going to do something better for it ... it rebels.  Like being overly hungry just to piss me off.  Like really?  I've eaten more food (just better choices) and I'm STARVING?!?  Please it's just a sick mind game.  So far actions I have taken this morning to start down the road to ending this Chapter is ...

1) I ate cereal this morning.  Yes I know this doesn't sound like much but breakfast or a crappy on the go breakfast...not so good.

2) Came to the realization that my Venti Soy Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks has like a million grams of sugar.  Yes folks, even I, Shia, make mistakes.  So now I am currently drinking a Grande (smaller) sugar free (-million grams of sugar) soy Caramel Macchiato and it SUCKS! (okay not as bad as what Taller drinks...that is offense Taller but it is!)  So peace out morning coffee I am going to figure out something better.  I know what you are thinking...I've said I would give up Starbucks in the past and well haven't ... I'll still go...get some green tea but no more coffee.  I hate the after-taste anyway.  Chewing gum right now to get rid of it.  So win win!

3) Drinking more water!  Yesterday I had coffee (addressed); WATER; and ONE green tea and MORE WATER!!!  Gotta stay hydrated...tons of running to do!

4) I'm officially owning the fact that yes this seems to be a big challenge and IT IS and there will be bumps in the road BUT it will be done!  Where there is a will there is a way!

5) My blog is about to become narcissistic for which I apologize.  There are going to be TONS of updates because I am going to use this as another way to stay true to my goal.  I plan on posting pics and everything.  Give you a glance at Shia's world directly.  However, I promise that there will be more on here than just how my running is coming along and how many pounds I have lost.  I will write actual posts like normal as well.  I mean come on folks cheer me on and you will NEVER have to read another blog about this TOPIC EVER!  Shia's closing this chapter remember so don't give up on me until the end and I promise it'll be a happy day for all of us!  I mean I made Kardashian Hair happen...I can do ANYTHING!

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