Oh Happy Day!

Friday, January 7, 2011

So, today I feel so grown-up. As you we all know, I am working on the J Fund. Saving money is my M.O. now. Well, I was banking with Wachovia getting 0.05% annual um like NONE! I went to Wachovia (since I work in the dang building) and asked for an account with some better rates for my dear J Fund. Well first off, I felt like I was being help by the equivalent of a used car salesman. Second, he said oh let me check with/email my "DM" to see if I can get you 0.75% and if not it would be 0.10%. I said well send the email. Then he said that he needed to speak with the CEO...(who was one cubical away. Really he's the CEO? RRRRRRRRRIGHT!) He comes back in literally like one second and says oh he was on the phone but he told me that I can't send the email. He said let me know if you decide to close your account and I'll get you the cashier's check. So I left. Determined that I was going to find a new home for my J Fund. I looked up some rates at Vystar (a Florida Credit Union) found that a primary checking account makes 0.40% where my Wachovia checking account made umm...ZERO! So I then went over to Vystar - chatted about some Money Market accounts and CDs...marched back in to Wachovia...cleaned out my J Fund and took it right on over to Vystar, where it was welcomed with open arms and treated like it is as substantial as it is. So now I have the J Fund earning 1.01% in a 18 month CD, a mini J Fund earning 0.51%, a checking and savings each earning 0.41%. So all in all ... a good day for the J Fund. I am so excited. I think this also gives a fresh take on savings. It's new and you just want to keep it neat and clean (no transactions

Might I also add that the online banking feature of Vystar lets you give your accounts nicknames....hmmmm I wonder what I named them?

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