Mailman I am on to you...

Friday, January 21, 2011

So I am totally convinced that my mailman is living it up with my free Starbucks coupons and my monthly magazines.  I swear I haven't gotten a free drink postcard for like my last 3 rewards for I should have a free birthday drink post card and I have received NADA!  Also it is now January 21st and I haven't received February issues of my monthly magazines.  What is up with this.  I feel like I am constantly missing these same items month to month.  I hope you are enjoying my Starbucks while reading my magazines MAILMAN (or WOMAN).  Okay just to prove my point I am going to go check the mail....we shall see...


  1. Okay so I checked the mail...NADA! I am telling you something is fishy. I am convinced of it!

  2. Okay so the mailman must have been feeling I received my Starbucks free drink cards and ONE magazine...apparently he's not done reading Shape yet =)


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