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Happy Birthday Kaelyn!!

Love Aunt Lissa!!

It's okay Thursday #18

It's that time of the week don't forget to link up with Amber & Neely!!
It's okay....
that I don't feel like I have much to report this week  ~ so it will be just a bunch of rambles.
to ramble!
that SERIOUSLY I have nothing to put ... OMG!
to be excited that NBA Finals are ALMOST OVER!! OMG ... the Heat need this so everyone will SHUSH UP!
that I often surprise men at work with my knowledge of sports and cars ~ see Paul ... I do listen!
to have had my "new" car for almost a year and still think ahh yeah

I mean come on ... it is SICK right?  My rims are P I M P!
that my niece Marissa knows that she can't have the following in my backseat drinks, suckers, dirty shoes, candy, cotton candy, ice cream, etc. Seriously once she said ...  I am going to ride with my mom because I want to eat this.
that I seriously thought I was going to have to put my turbo to the test this morning ... why was that SUV cop car getting in the u turn lane on the interstate??? No…

Goodie Bag

Today I brought in this bag of goodies to give away.

I used to be really bad about buying tons of stuff and never using it.  In my last clean out of under the sink (see HERE) I gave away a bunch of stuff but kept some of this with the intentions of using it.  Some of the stuff in this bag is newer for example it came free with a different product or it was a sample I received in my Birchbox.  Either way I have said enough is enough and it was time to get rid of it.  I thought about using the items as giveaways but some of them have been slightly used and let's face it my last giveaway I felt like I was begging for people to take the item.
The items in the bag are ....  A) Eucerin Plus Intensive Care B) Vaseline Aloe Fresh Hydrating Lotion C) Two lotions from Victoria Secret ~ Luscious Kisses & Berry Kiss D) Baby Oil Gel (yes sadly I used to tan bake with it) E) Aveeno Nourish & Style Soft Hold Gel -Cream  F) Dr. Hauschka Radiant You Set Skin Care - Birchbox Sample G) Two …

Watermelon Nail Polish...YAY!!

So remember when I griped about the fact that I bought like a million different pink/red shades to look like watermelon and then shouted ... why not just make one called watermelon?!? (HERE)
Drumroll... I found one!!
I was with my sister at Walmart and I needed a nail file...walked over to the nail stuff and there sitting was Essie nail polish and the first one I saw was called....

I haven't used it yet so I'll post a pic soon!
Can't wait to use it on my toes and nails!!
What shade do you obsess over??

Paper Cut? Yes Please!

I never post about my Birchbox items anymore ... but I couldn't resist with these super cute Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids!  I absolutely LOVE them! Seriously, I need a boo boo!!  LOL
Did you get these in your Birchbox?

New flats!

I just love these flats I got at Ross yesterday for $12.99. They are made by Rocketdog and after doing some googling I found that these shoes go for like $40 - $50. Can you say deal?
I am obsessed with flats and I wear them more than heels which is like blasphemy to some of my friends but hey they are comfy and cute. I love when I find cute casual flats and I'll even where them to work to play down a more professional look ( today plus hello there are places on this planet that have casual Fridays...hint hint Shia's work).
So do you love flats?

It's okay Thursday #17

It's that time of the week don't forget to link up with Amber & Neely!!
It's okay....
to have to repeat your order at Starbucks a million times before they get it.  I mean one would think that if anywhere in the world understood your need for a iced grande soy sugar free caramel latte it would be them.
to be back on the coffee wagon (hey - I count it)
to have gotten like NO sleep this week
to lay in bed realizing that said coffee wagon is what is keeping me from sleeping.
to then need to be on said coffee wagon because of lack of sleep.
to break the vicious cycle and drive right pass Starbucks this morning!
to totally have faith that you can spot train that last bit of wiggle on your thigh ... I feel it working people!!
to set a goal to do 30 push ups without stopping by the end of the month ... yes folks this month.  I am up to 15!!
to feel the need to rock a cute outfit to my niece's dance recital 
to realize that I pretty much only have "work clothes"…

Pretty = Unpopular?

So I recently read an article on Marie Claire's website about whether or not women hate beautiful women.  Apparently, a woman wrote a tell-all piece about how everyone hates her because she is beautiful which sparked replies from readers that she's not beautiful and that people hate her because she is smug, narcissistic and overconfident.  Which then solidified this woman's point even more.
The article written by Marie Claire about this tell-all piece went on to say that women have evolved past making rude and mean comments about beautiful women and that beauty is respected and embraced.
Really?  What planet does that chick live on because here on earth ... women are judged by EVERYONE (including themselves) every nanosecond of the day.  For example, if we dubbed all of Hollywood as beautiful then why do we have best/worst dressed?  Why do we critique everything about them?  Why do we have paparazzi trying to score beach body shots and no makeup shots?  We have labeled th…

Giveaway #2 Results!!!

According to Asha!!! Asha's Aspects!!
Congrats!! I'm heading over to your blog right now to give you the news!!
Thank you all who signed up...don't fret... there will be another giveaway soon!!!

Best or Worst?

June 11, 2012 Editor's Pick Jessica ChastainWHAT SHE WOREThe actress took the stage at New York's Beacon Theatre in a beaded Marios Schwab cocktail dress, yellow diamond Harry Winston earrings and satin Giuseppe Zanotti peep-toes.

WHY WE LOVE ITJessica Chastain brought the drama to the Tony Awards in a sexy, sheer design.

InStyle might have picked her for look of the day but if you google...Tony Award worst dress... there are many that think this dress is horrible and put her on the worst dressed list.

Others put her on the best dressed list - stating that she  looks classy not trashy in this see through dress.
In my opinion (I mean I'm no Joan Rivers but),  I'm just not digging the see through - paisley nipple - underwire look  and the waist of the dress doesn't appear to be flattering. It just seems like in certain lights it looks better than others and since you're going to be getting your picture taken with those bright flashbulbs... you might not want so…

12 Things You Need for Successful Weight Loss

1) Get your head in the game! Weight loss doesn't happen without dedication.  You have to have the mindset to get it done.  I've said in the past that motivation for me is like a light switch ... when it's on it is ON.  Even though motivation is one of the key things you need ~ you also need patience, understanding, time, and willpower.  You have to make a commitment to yourself and stick with it. 2) Track your progress! Tracking keeps you honest to yourself.  Without tracking you can sabotage yourself into overeating.  For example, tell me EVERYTHING you ate on Friday off the top of your head, not so easy right?  Also, there are tons of apps out there that you can quickly track or you can do it the old fashion way of writing it down.  Find what works for you and do it daily.  Also, as a rule I normally track my whole day in the morning.  Breakfast, Lunch, Snack & Dinner.  This also keeps me in track.  I can budget out my day and make changes if things arise or when y…

Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

So we all want to enjoy the summer but don't want it to take a toll on our hair so here are a few tip to keep your hair healthy and smooth all summer long.
1) Condition...condition...CONDITION!!!  Conditioner is like water for your hair - so don't let your hair get dehydrated!!
Deep condition like once a week especially if you go to the beach or the pool.  You need to put the moisture back into your hair ASAP after being in the salt or chlorine.  A simple way of deep conditioning that really works is to just use your normal condition but to cover your head.  You can use a plastic shower cap or even a plastic grocery bag (yes the ghetto way but Shia's way...LOL...I just put my head in the bag gather the sides to the front twist and tuck under ... then I just throw away the bag after I am done).  Leave the conditioner in and the cap on for at least 30 mins.  If you need or want a deeper condition ~ leave it on overnight.  Your hair will be super soft in the morning.
I like…

It's okay Thursday #16

Link up with Amber & Neely!
It's okay...
that I lost 3 followers this week...sorry to see you go!!
to kinda feel like I suck because 3 peeps bailed.
that I hate the pop-ups for it me or have they gotten harder to read??
that I just learned how to do a screen shot on my computer AND ipod touch!!
that I didn't know until recently that my ipod HAS a ON/OFF button ... thank you google!!
that so far not that many peeps have entered my giveaway ... I guess that just increases the chances for those who have =) good luck!!
to talk bad about your own blog ~ but when someone else does ~ you are ready to throw down and do - then regret how you reacted!  I'm sorry I just had one of those "nobody puts baby in the corner moments (God I hate that movie! and was there really a reason for Pitbull to use that awful song in his song??) and I blame family drama (which unfortunately was out of our control) and HM Time ... okay and ME... I do take blame for myself! 

Things I don't understand...

Why do "we" still send faxes?   I'm going to tell you that in the last two months  (maybe more) I've had to send two faxes and  NEITHER of them would go through ... hello welcome to the 21st century we have EMAIL!!! How Wisconsin has TWO recall elections and the people they are trying to recall get re-elected!?!?   Does that make ANY sense? So we watch the Kardashians and they are always doing  photo shoots ~ especially Kim but where are all these pics  going??  I mean I see Kendall more in more ads than the K sisters! (lame pic I know - but what else was I gonna use for "poll") So I heard an article recently where they polled men and men  apparently said they don't care about makeup, hair, lingerie, clothes, shoes, nails, etc. regarding women ~ um hello?  Be real!  You know men CARE about all of this because NO MAN is giving a scraggly girl the time of day ~ what they should have said was that they  CARE but don't want to know or hear about it!!  …