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Pretty = Unpopular?

Hating Me

So I recently read an article on Marie Claire's website about whether or not women hate beautiful women.  Apparently, a woman wrote a tell-all piece about how everyone hates her because she is beautiful which sparked replies from readers that she's not beautiful and that people hate her because she is smug, narcissistic and overconfident.  Which then solidified this woman's point even more.

The article written by Marie Claire about this tell-all piece went on to say that women have evolved past making rude and mean comments about beautiful women and that beauty is respected and embraced.

Really?  What planet does that chick live on because here on earth ... women are judged by EVERYONE (including themselves) every nanosecond of the day.  For example, if we dubbed all of Hollywood as beautiful then why do we have best/worst dressed?  Why do we critique everything about them?  Why do we have paparazzi trying to score beach body shots and no makeup shots?  We have labeled these people beautiful but yet we make their lives a living hell regarding their appearance (aka beauty).

Okay so take out Hollywood because some would argue that they are Hollywood elite...they deserve it (okay whatever).   Let's talk about us ... normal women.  How many times have you received the "up down look" you know when someone you pass or you are talking to scans you from head to toe with a smug or disgusted look on their face?  A lot right.  Well folks that is judging beauty.

How many times have you tried to better yourself like lose weight, get a new haircut, try a new style of clothes only to be mocked or criticized or hell even discourage about your change.  If there wasn't a hint of truth to women hating beautiful women we wouldn't have the term HATERS!!  

I think 99.99999% of women experience this on a daily basis.  I have been experiencing a lot of "hating" lately as well.  Since I'm down about 35 pounds now I have tons of co-workers who make pretty mean and hurtful comments (seriously no conversation is happening ... I am in the restroom washing my hands they come in and BAM ... mean comment) or they give me that "up down look" EVERYDAY.  A dear friend said to me the other day, Shia....I hate to tell you this but you're just going to have to get used to it.  Also, I had another friend tell me that I should take it as flattery instead of a negative.  Okay wait ... someone being a jerk is a good thing?  Jealously or whatever their problem is - is an ego booster for me??  That just seems too weird.  Also, doesn't me acknowledging their meanness just increase their hate for me ... she's so smug she thinks blah blah blah ... so it is never ending cycle of bullshit!

I think women of the world NEED to evolve to a point where if you look at someone else and then feel like you have to attack that person ~ you need to direct that effort into doing whatever you need to do to feel better about YOURSELF.  Work on you ... don't worry about other women.

Aren't we always saying that EVERYONE is beautiful?  Then we (women) need to shut our mouths!


  1. so true on that quote on those quotes. inspirational article, shia. some people need to wake up. :)
    hope you have a nice thursay, shia!


  2. Jasmine - thank you! Seriously life is too short to be all up in someone else's kool-aid ;)

    Have a great weekend!

    ♥ Shia


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