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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why do "we" still send faxes?  
I'm going to tell you that in the last two months 
(maybe more) I've had to send two faxes and 
NEITHER of them would go through ...
hello welcome to the 21st century we have EMAIL!!!
How Wisconsin has TWO recall elections and the people
they are trying to recall get re-elected!?!?  
Does that make ANY sense?
So we watch the Kardashians and they are always doing 
photo shoots ~ especially Kim but where are all these pics 
going??  I mean I see Kendall more in more ads than the K sisters!
(lame pic I know - but what else was I gonna use for "poll")
So I heard an article recently where they polled men and men 
apparently said they don't care about makeup, hair, lingerie, clothes,
shoes, nails, etc. regarding women ~ um hello?  Be real!  You know
men CARE about all of this because NO MAN is giving a scraggly
girl the time of day ~ what they should have said was that they 
CARE but don't want to know or hear about it!!  Let's be real!

Why do people send emails that say....Can I ask you a question?

Even not be so I really need to reply back ... YES? 
Can't you just initially email me the question?

Why do the people that bicycle in my neighborhood look like they
are in the Tour de France?  Is it really necessary to wear this?
Why do some peeps that straighten their hair 
"forget" to do the back?
What puzzles you?

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  1. I freaking HATE faxes!! People still call my work and ask if instead of filling out the online form if they can just print it, fill it out and then fax it in. WTF!!

    and I am forever asking my fiance to check the back of my hair to make sure I straightened it properly. haha

  2. Jessica,

    Yeah it just amazes me when you call people and tell them their fax isn't accepting it and then they say ... well it's new ... well then it's not hooked up...GET EMAIL!!

    Seriously ~ I thought EVERYONE did that but I constantly see chicks with a big kink in the back ... how do they miss it? Plus when you ask your guy and he is like know something is wrong ;)

    Thanks for your comment!!

    ♥ Shia

  3. I can't stand faxes! So useless!

  4. Monica - I know's like we got rid of pony express when faster means of transporting mail developed so why the HECK haven't we moved past faxing??

    ♥ Shia

  5. I love these blog posts you do! I always wonder these things and think i'm the only person who thinks it these days. Brilliant :] i love reading your blog, always makes me smile! xx

  6. Thank you Amymoo!! You made my day.

    ♥ Shia


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