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It's okay Thursday #17

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It's okay....

to have to repeat your order at Starbucks a million times before they get it.  I mean one would think that if anywhere in the world understood your need for a iced grande soy sugar free caramel latte it would be them.

to be back on the coffee wagon (hey - I count it)

to have gotten like NO sleep this week

to lay in bed realizing that said coffee wagon is what is keeping me from sleeping.

to then need to be on said coffee wagon because of lack of sleep.

to break the vicious cycle and drive right pass Starbucks this morning!

to totally have faith that you can spot train that last bit of wiggle on your thigh ... I feel it working people!!

to set a goal to do 30 push ups without stopping by the end of the month ... yes folks this month.  I am up to 15!!

to feel the need to rock a cute outfit to my niece's dance recital 

to realize that I pretty much only have "work clothes" 

to not walk at lunch for fear that humidity will mess up my hair - hello I straightened it - the first time is FOREVER

to then change into workout clothes before leaving work so I could just drive straight to the gym to run.

to run a mile in 12 mins!  My goal is 10 mins by the end of the month and yes this month!  

to set goals mid-month - seems weird but I got this!

to have eaten watermelon like everyday since it became "in season"

to order a sapphire necklace/earring set from Avon with hopes that it can be worn on my wedding day ... I mean it was $9.99 I am not expecting much ... I'll post a pic later today when the Avon Lady drops it off.

to have NO IDEA what kind of shoes I want to wear with my wedding dress

to just want to wear normal undergarments under my wedding dress ... do we really need it to be that uncomfortable??

to then keep in the back of my mind that if I am a smig away from my wedding day goal those horrible undergarments might come in handy.

to realize that for some reason I can keep going on and on with this today ... so I will stop!
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What's okay with you today??
P.S. Thank you to all my new followers!  
I was pretty bummed about losing 3 followers and now I gained 11!


  1. As the Beatles say 'dont you know its gonna be alright?'
    I dont drink coffee, give it a go and stop caffeine.It worth it :)


  2. Haha I love these posts :-) I've missed reading your blog while I was overseas! xo


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