It's okay Thursday #18

Thursday, June 21, 2012

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It's okay....

that I don't feel like I have much to report this week 
~ so it will be just a bunch of rambles.

to ramble!

that SERIOUSLY I have nothing to put ... OMG!

to be excited that NBA Finals are ALMOST OVER!!
OMG ... the Heat need this so everyone will SHUSH UP!

that I often surprise men at work with my knowledge of sports and cars ~
see Paul ... I do listen!

to have had my "new" car for almost a year and still think ahh yeah

I mean come on ... it is SICK right?  My rims are P I M P!

that my niece Marissa knows that she can't have the following in my backseat
drinks, suckers, dirty shoes, candy, cotton candy, ice cream, etc.
Seriously once she said ... 
I am going to ride with my mom because I want to eat this.

that I seriously thought I was going to have to put my turbo to the test this morning ... why was that SUV cop car getting in the u turn lane on the interstate??? Not me not me not me not me ... sigh of relief!

To be mentally doing the math on the ticket you think you are getting ... okay the speed limit is 70 ~ I am doing like 78 ... it should be under $300 ... right?  

to hate when the highway patrol or county cops are patrolling the interstate then everyone goes under the speed limit and traffic gets MORE backed up and then Shia here is even MORE late to work!

To love these little shifters on my steering wheel! 
I've drove a manual car all my life ~ my GTI is DSG
a shiftable automatic ~ I love using these shifters because
it feels like launch control (which my car also has).
See now you are understanding why I thought I was going to get a ticket.

to desperately need coffee so I am going to head out!

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