It's okay Thursday #15

Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's that time of the week...
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It's okay...

that I question what day of the week it is because I'm all out of whack from having Monday off!

to not even know how I am going to survive a 5 day week after having two 4 day weeks in a row...let's not think about that now.

to see that your ipod has a low battery when you go to workout and then jump with joy that it didn't turn off before you were done!

to have done like 20 proper push-ups (with Paul standing over me like a drill sergeant ~ MEN) 3 nights in a row and even though I'm sore ... I am MIGHTY proud!!

to get up and leave Starbucks (even though you went to chill ~ sip coffee ~ and blog) because the music was EXTREMELY annoying and loud!

to have convinced myself that the iced green tea I have to make at work now (because Starbucks closed and there isn't one in the entire downtown area of Jacksonville!!!  Crazy I know!!!) tastes better than what they make at Starbucks.  Maybe I should start selling it to peeps at the firm for like $5 a cup!!!

to have like 20 scratches on your hands from playing with your cat ~ Kitty why you gotta be so mean??

to buy like 100 different shades of pink/red because you want one that looks like watermelon ~ why can't they just make a color that looks like watermelon and call it ... I dunno ... WATERMELON!!!!

that I have lived in Florida for like 15 - 20 years now and I still have NO CLUE when hurricane season starts.

that even though I am a Madonna fan I could truly care less if Lady Gaga even SLIGHTLY ripped off Express Yourself for Born this Way!  Look Lady Gaga (and fans) if it wasn't for Madonna being over the top ~ in your face ~ not caring what anyone said or hated about her ~ you wouldn't have Lady Gaga today. So just give each their props and SHUT IT!  P.S. do you know how much music is sampled today ~ almost nothing is authentic!

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  1. No Starbucks!? Ahhhh I would die! lol I have 1 to the right of my work and one to the left maybe 3 minutes apart! I would totally sell it! haha

    Happy Thursday =D

  2. I know right ~ what does it say about me as a person that often I find myself staring into the dark vacant once filled with coffee goodness window longing for it to come back?? It's been like a year and I have STILL not come to terms with it being gone. I often sit at my desk and wonder how long it would actually take me to leave the building, go out of the parking garage, drive the distance to the nearest, get coffee and make it back to my desk...something tells me it would be A LOT longer than when it used to be right across the street ;)

    ♥ Shia

  3. Good luck finding that watermelon shade, Shia. =)


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