Sticks and Stones

Monday, May 14, 2012

So as I lay here trying to will myself to sleep knowing that ... that dreaded Monday morning is approaching I am unfortunately finding it hard to sleep.  So instead of letting my thoughts (which are keeping me awake) keep swirling around in my brain...I thought I would share.  

So I had a pretty eventful/terrific/FABULOUS weekend only about 0.00000000000000000000001(you get where I am going)% was "bad". 

My niece told me that her dad called me that dreaded f word.  I want to say that it didn't/doesn't bother me but yet I am here...blogging about it.  Well I am fighting down the urge to let it bother me ~ let's put it that way but I really felt like if I addressed all the swirling madness in my brain I would feel better so here it goes....

First, let me give you a little synopsis of all the stuff swirling around in my brain about the comment...

2) Ouch!
3) I hate when people feel like the only way they can cut me to the quick is by calling me that horrible f word.   
4) Why do I let that word plague me when it is said about me? 
5) OMG would I even still be thinking about this if I hadn't just started Hannah Montana time??  

So these thoughts usually can manifest into negative thoughts and self esteem issues yada yada yada.  But no, I am not going to let my sister's ex-husband get me down.  Why?  I'll tell you why....

1) Newsflash dippy (him not you) you haven't seen me in like FOREVER!  I have lost over 25 pounds!!
2) AND even when I had those extra pounds on man (ahem [under breathe] a way better man than you could ever even IMAGINE being) LOVES matter what! 
3) I had a basket of too small clothes and I tried all those ma'am-a jam-a's on and THEY FIT!!!  Who just doubled her wardrobe with her own clothes...THIS GIRL!
4) I went to the outlet malls today (I know I hate the outlets but for once I got a great deal) and bought a bunch of skirts from the Loft and drum roll they were the size right before the size I am trying to slim down to as my goal so guess what buddy boy...I am ALMOST THERE!
5) Almost forgot ~ when I weighed in on Saturday I had lost almost 2 pounds after two weeks of just losing .6 and fearing I was hitting a plateau!

So with all this awesome stuff that has happened over the last 48 hours, there's no way I am letting my awesome achievements be diminished by that horrible f word.  I'm better than that word and I will always be better than that matter what anyone says or however many times someone wants a cheap shot...I am the only one that can give that word power and it will NEVER have power over me!

So I would like to say as my response...Sticks and stones will break my bones, but being called fat (see no I'll say it) will never hurt me...OR ruin my fabulous weekend or my much needed night's sleep.


  1. I love your positive attitude! The F word gets thrown around way too much, whether we are calling ourselves that or other people are calling us that. It's pathetic! I even knew a girl once (who by the way, had a gorgeous healthy size AU10 body) and her own DAD called her fat all the time. Makes me so annoyed. Ok, rant over haha :-)

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  3. Thank you Emma for your kind words.

    ♥ Shia

  4. You go girl! Don't let anyone get you down! Anyone that calls someone else fat is just insecure. And losing 25 pounds? Congats!

  5. Aly7 ~ thanks girl!

    ♥ Shia


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