Bad Dreams

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So we all have bad dreams right...for the most part it is like dreaming something stressful like you're in high school again and you realize that you haven't gone to "math" class for like the whole year and you're trying to figure out 1) why you just didn't go to math class and 2) how you are going to pass said math class without having gone.  Seriously I have dreamt this NUMEROUS

But even though we are all grown and know that there's no such thing as the boogie monster we OCCASIONALLY have nightmares.  Unfortunately, I am someone who will wake up from a bad dream roll over and go back to sleep and just go back into the dream as if I just hit the pause button on the dream.

Well last night I had a nightmare ~ the first one I can remember having in a long time.  When I woke up I thought okay it's over get your mind off of it.  Then my fear from the dream started planing tricks with my mind.  I was seriously afraid.  I knew at the time I was being silly...child like in fact...but I couldn't stop being scared.  I woke up Paul...who probably now has confirmed to himself that I am a nutcase...even with his willingness to ease me back to sleep.  I laid there not wanting that inevitable pause button to switch to play.  I didn't want to go back into that dream.

So I got up...drug myself downstairs to read a book to get my mind off the nightmare...fearfully turned on the light...just then remembering the ONE scary scene from The Innkeepers (where the chick wakes up from a nightmare and the ghost is in her bed ... which then you find out she is still in the nightmare...or was she)  Oh yeah THIS FACE....
Again...silly I know.  I mean there was like 10% of me telling myself to grow up.  So I settled down on the couch with my book, "Why Not" by Shari Low (actually a really great British novel...kinda like Sophie Kinsella but funnier!) and started to read.  However, before everything was just hunky-dory and the reading eased my mind...I began to freak out because Kitty was just standing at the end of the couch looking at me like this...
(not Kitty but the closest google image I could find to her expression)
so then the cat is freaking me out because again I am convinced that she can see something I can't.  My mind is rationalizing the paranoia ... seriously folks I was thinking...okay our townhouse CANNOT be haunted it is BRAND NEW...or what if it was built on a cemetery....AHHHHH Kitty stop looking at me like that.  

Okay so finally I settled down with my book and about 30 mins later I am drifting off to sleep...I go back upstairs...with no fear...climb back into bed and go to sleep and I can't even remember having a dream after that.

So....why am I telling you about this?  Well...good story duh...and even though I acted 99.999999% like a scared child ... I now know how to break the bad dream cycle.  Read for a few mins and that pause button turns to stop!


  1. when i have nightmares (i had one last night, too), i have to wake up, and end the dream in my head...always in a good way. then i need to watch tv or read until i fall back asleep. everything is scarier at night!

  2. two birds - see this is where I have an epic fail...I go back to sleep and try to mend the craziness going on in the dream...reading def is my new go to! Sorry to hear you had a nightmare too!

    Sanna - thanks ;)

  3. GAH, I hate bad dreams! I had a nightmare last night too, strange how so many of us had bad dreams last night! Especially since I haven't had a nightmare in years.

  4. aly7 ~ how crazy is that?? Let's hope that we all can get a good night's sleep tonight and dream pleasant things like winning the lotto or blogging as a career ;)

  5. Shia- I know, it's sooooo weird! I haven't had a bad dream in at least 2 years, and now THREE of us all had a nightmare last night?? Creeeeepy. What if they were all the *same* dream! THAT would be scary! :)


  6. Before I moved out of my parents house our dog would regularly sit in the foyer and just stare at the door. It was and still is one of the creepiest things ever.

  7. the worst dream I have ever had was: I dreamt that I forgot to wear my clothes out. And the dream repeated more than once, totally bizzare! Dreams always tell us something about our fears or our real life experiences. Interesting. It can super natural as well. But dreams are just dreams they can't do anything to us ;-)


  8. Aly ~ that would be totally weird...if mine were a horror movie it would be like Hills have Eyes or Texas Chainsaw

    Ashton ~ sounds creepy...I hate when one of my pets is just in that stare zone and you can't make them stop...especially the other night I was like STOP FREAKING ME OUT KITTY!! I was probably freaking her out...she had such OCD she was probably like um 2:22 YOU should be in bed that's the schedule...LOL

    mongs ~ I agree dreams are just dreams some people think they have meanings and blah blah blah but I think it just a loop of weird thoughts filed away that come out. But honestly that fear I felt in the dream totally took over my rational mind when I woke up. Thank goodness I don't have nightmares often ;) That's funny about no clothes...I've never dreamt that.

    Thank you all for your comments!
    Sweet dreams to all of us ;)
    ♥ Shia


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