What's your Hobby??

Friday, May 4, 2012

I HATE when someone asks me this question seriously it is like my biggest pet peeve "get to know you" question.  I feel like I have NEVER been able to answer this question.  Surely I have hobbies ... right?  I mean blogging is kinda a hobby...right?  See where I am going with this...LOL.  

I just think I don't have a dedicated "hobby" so you know me...I googled it.  Actually I googled...list of hobbies and on there is a list of 238 things dubbed acceptable hobbies, here are a few that I found a little weird/funny....
#1  Aircraft Spotting
Seriously this got the #1 spot?? 
Okay I just realized they are in ABC order…
big sigh of relief!!!
#8 Animals/pets/dogs
How is this a hobby? 
Too many and you are an animal hoarder!!
#24  Bird watching
#25  Birding
Are these different??
#36  Bridge Building
Um...hopefully not the ones I walk over or drive on!
#48  Casino Gambling
Did making Meth make the list??
#97  Glowsticking
#127  Lawn Darts
Weren't these banned after some kids got hit in the head with one?? 
As Jeff Foxworthly would'll be getting coloring 
books for Christmas for the rest of your life after taking up this hobby.
#165  Pyrotechnics
Do I even NEED to go on?

So I guess I've learned a lot from googling...1) ANYTHING can be a hobby, 2) OMG ~ there are some pretty crazy ones out there and 3) So maybe I am okay with not having one...LOL.

So now I am going to ask you that dreaded question...
What's your hobby??


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  2. Good question (not!). I wasn't even thinking about what all stuff I do could be called hobbies. I sketch, but never thought of it as a hobby or something...

  3. See isn't it the worst question ever!!

    Have a great weekend!!

    ♥ Shia

  4. Wow, #97 made me laugh. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. I always try things or try to take up a hobby and quit after a few weeks. The things that come to mind are drawing and playing the recorder (yes, the instrument from 4th or 5th grade), but I quit those after a few weeks.

  6. Hobbies. I love writing and used to enjoy scrap-booking but I don't quite as much anymore. Still, I have a couple, I guess. =)

    Congrats on the 150 followers, Shia! That is AWEsome!

  7. Glowsticking, Really? What is that LOL! My hobbies are photography and blogging :)
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. glowsticking haha :DDDD
    i love sleeping <3


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