It's okay Thursday #14

Thursday, May 17, 2012

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It's okay ....

to eat strawberries, fat free cool whip and reduced fat nilla wafers for dinner ... I mean it was only 4 points and YUMMY!!

to leave your house 10 mins early JUST so you can go to Starbucks but then decide not to...I mean 4 points for a grande iced caramel soy latte ... not worth it this morning.

to talk about points even though you probably have no clue what I am talking about ... it's cool ... this is how I live my day now...and it starting to become second nature so win win for me ;)

to be so determined to work out on the weekends that I found a website where you can find a tennis buddy in your neighborhood AND she emailed me hoping my Saturday will be filled with tennis!!

to think about joining a beginner's yoga class ~ so I did some googling and then found out that there doesn't really seem to be a "beginners" class AND yoga seems to be a lot of bull...I mean no offense if you do yoga...actually email me and let me know how you started out. I really just think that yoga is pretty much for people that already know how to do how does one learn seems to herein lay the problem.

that I actually arrived EARLY to work today but still hid in my office for fear they would expect me to be here at this time EVERYDAY ... LOL

that yesterday it was raining so I did the stairs in the building for exercise ... hello 19 flights!! Okay I admit at about 14 I had to stop for fear of my legs giving out and a moment when I thought I was gonna throw up.

that I am just a little sore from the last time it rained and I had to do the stairs...I felt REALLY sore for like 3 days.

that I bought a poncho yesterday so I can walk the bridges in the rain...of course not if it is lightening!

that I FINALLY got a good night's sleep - after tossing and turning for 2 and then having a nightmare the night before. Sleep ... ahhhh my good old friend.

to weigh yourself every morning and every evening ... I really think that the reason I tend to put pounds back on is because I would never step on a scale. I think I might weigh myself a bit too much but sometimes I think it's good because you can see how your body reacts to certain meals, exercises, etc. 

that most of this post is about exercise, food and weight but hey that's my thing at the moment ...when I get to maintenance I need to have a solid lifestyle in place so I gotta work on it EVERYDAY at the moment. I try not to bombard my blog with my Weight Watchers stuff but seriously folks it is totally my life at the moment and honestly I am happier that it is because I look great and feel great. 

that ... that's all I got for this post.

What's okay with you today??
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  1. good that you got a good night's rest. wish you all the best your your goals, shia. :) have a great day!


  2. Thank you Jasmine!!

    ♥ Shia

  3. it's talk WW on your blog, because it's your blog, it's your life and you are enjoying your journey with weight watchers! It's okay! ;-)

    Proud of you... I'm thinking of joining too. do you do the meetings or online?

  4. Andrea ~ thank you! You are right but sometimes you just don't want every post to be about weight I go to meetings and I use the etools (online) to track my food & activity points. The etools rock because you can download an app for your phone, ipad or ipod touch. The meetings are extremely motivating to me...because you get awards for weight loss and the topics each week are really helpful. You also receive a "weekly" which is like a mini WW magazine with recipes, activity suggestions, more info on that week's topic, etc. However, online can be just as helpful there is all kinds of helpful stuff on the etools. I know someone who's doing the online only version and doing great. I personally like the meetings because of the awards and talking with other members. Let me know if you join...we can be online WW buddies ;)

    ♥ Shia


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