It's Okay Thursday #13 (wait should I skip and make it 14??)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

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It's okay ...

that I did this on Monday - haven't blogged since - and I am doing it again!  I mean you don't really care ... right?

that sometimes friends aren't friends anymore.  It's hard at first coping with the loss and realizing that said friend was never a really a "friend" but life goes on.  Friends come and go...but family is you bratty lil sisters of mine...LOL.

that I just found out that Splenda isn't free in recipes because one packet has 1 carb therefore a cup of splenda has 28 points!  It was a little upsetting to think that I was eating that wretched stuff when I could have just ate SUGAR!  (1 cup of sugar is 22 points!!)  

that I am giving up Bravo tv.  I have to DVR all my shows and then watch them on the weekend...which usually just turns into watching them on Sunday because I'm usually out and about on Saturdays.  So I literally just sit in front of the tv all day watching show after show....WHY??  I have WAY better things that I should be doing.  So I am going to give it up.  The Housewives will go on without me!

that I backed out on going to lunch with a co-worker because I hate to miss my afternoon workout.  I am still meeting up with her for a few mins afterwards.  She seems to understand...I mean do you see that countdown to the left...when I put it up there was over 260 days until my wedding now it states 132!!!!!!!!!

to want the NBA finals to be over...why do they need to play 7 games each time!  OVERKILL!!!  It just feels like I am being forced to watch the same game over and over again!!

to consider going to the tanning bed even though you know it is bad for you...I mean I don't want to be orange...I just need a good base but isn't that how tanorexia starts?

to wish I had those Mary Poppins snapping skillz to get this paperwork off my desk.

to have my week consumed with listening to the second book of Hunger Games and have no time for blogging....I am almost done with Catching Fire and I just downloaded it on Monday!!  I had to take SOME breaks...I felt like I was slipping into a Hunger Games coma.

to put a Hello Kitty band-aid on a bad paper cut.  I mean I only have like 3 boxes of these band-aids lying around my house for any boo boos that might arise when nieces (especially Marissa - Hello Kitty obsessed) are over.  Am I the only person who thinks band-aids are racist?  Why are there only "white" ones?

So what's okay with you today?
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  1. There is a world of reasons you are better off with just the regular sugar than splenda but carbs is a great one! haha Great post :)


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