Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Which one is better?

Friday, October 28, 2011

A) Aveeno Clear Complexion $7.49
B) St. Ives Apricot Scrub $3.99
C) Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser $7.49

So I've tried all of these products.  They all have typically the same ingredients and all include 2% salicylic acid {which I believe is the cure for nasty pimples}.

Here are my thoughts....

Aveeno - smells nice but it kinda feels like you're washing your face with Noxzema {without the smell and the burn} it just doesn't lather up and when you're done you still feel like you need to wash your face, it does have a few exfoliating beads in it but all in just doesn't get the job done.

St. Ives - it's been around for FOREVER but it lacks modern sophistication - the exfoliating beads are so rough you could use it on your feet to remove calluses.  It also doesn't later up and in the end you just feel like you have sand on your face that you can't get off.  

Biore - hands down the winner!  This stuff works great and because of the warming effect it really gets down deep in your pores.  It smells great, the exfoliating beads do their job and it lathers up well.  Your face definitely feels fresh and clear afterwards.  Here's the tricky can't always find the warming one but the good news is the non-warming face wash works just as well.  

I've been using Biore for about 2 years and St. Ives was BOGO at our local grocery store so I bought it then immediately had 3 nasty pimples that I haven't gotten in FOREVER but before I switched back for good I thought I would try the Aveeno since I like the shampoo and conditioner [click {here} for the post].  I'm definitely going back to Biore.

I pulled these prices from {Ulta does put all of these on sale}.  I think I paid a little less for all of these at good ol' Walmart.  Have you tried any of these?  If so, what did you think?  Do you use something different?

It's okay Thursday #2

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Its Ok Thursdays
{click here for Amber's blog}

It's okay...
1) to feel like a complete waste of a blogger for not having a Wednesday post.
2) to feel super unproductive at the same time as super busy.
3) to not care the outcome of the FL/GA game this weekend because college is starting to feel as far away as high school.
4) to buy a Twix to meet that $5 purchase amount and keep it in your desk drawer for "emergencies".
5) to wish for November to be here so you can turn the calendar away from seeing where you had marked your vacation at the beginning of October....wasn't that the best time...too bad I am now sitting at work...ugh stop reminding me!
6) to have NO CLUE when the time falls back until like the day or two before hand....why do we keep doing this?
7) to wake up in the morning and think of how you can get away with not brushing your hair.
8) to already be late for work and then hit up Mickey D's for a chicken biscuit...what's 5 more mins? {oh wait my boss reads this...oh well...LOL}
9) to not care that my boss reads this...I mean I care but you know what is done is done.
10) to feel like the week has flown by but it's also going slow....yeah I know crazy...but that is seriously how I am feeling today like OMG it is THURSDAY it FRIDAY yet?!?

Well I hope you enjoyed this list...I promise great blogs to come.  My time management is all out of whack because of new projects AND Paul wanting me to go look for my new car EVERY night after work {this will be over soon because I think I have finally decided what I am going to I have...LOL}!

Don't forget to go check out Amber's list and link up!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Instyle states, "Anne Hathaway turned heads at the Hollywood Film Awards Gala in a floral Erdem dress, black diamond Dana Rebecca Designs necklace and patent leather peep-toes."  

I love love LOVE Anne Hathaway...I've seen practically all of her movies...yes even Princess Diaries and Ella Enchanted...under the guise of watching it with my niece Marissa.  What do you think?  Also, have you seen Becoming Jane?  Should I see it?  Be honest and don't just scream...I LOVE JANE AUSTEN!!  Give me a real SOLID reason  I myself could care less about Jane Austen {as you can see from my audiobook list...I am TRYING to make an attempt} but I just sigh and say...I don't care.  So do your best...convince me to become an Austen addict. 

More Pics...

Monday, October 24, 2011

I decided that I needed to share a few more....

Again...all of these are from our 2 day trip to Ottawa...the crazy part is I probably have over 1,000 pics from our entire vacation ~ we went somewhere new each day and I filled the camera card each time...yes I was OBSESSED with fall foliage but hey that was what my vacation was for.  Out of this fave is the last one.  I just love the sun peeking through!

Monday Madness

Instead of doing a post where I just complain about all the madness running through my head today...I thought I would share some random pics I took on vacation in Ottawa.  Enjoy!

Which one is your fave?  I think my fave is the dandelions!
I never see them here in Florida!  


Friday, October 21, 2011

YAY!!!  We made's Friday!!

Is it just me or are you thinking FINALLY FRIDAY?!?  Something about this week just seemed to be off, I remember late Tuesday thinking can this week just be over so we can restart.  I sat in a traffic jam EVERY morning this week.  Paul had something planned for us to do EVERY night after I didn't get home until 10 pm each night.  Okay I know you younger peeps are like 10 pm?  That is not late....well for me {old lady in the making} it

So what are your plans this weekend?  I'm going to see my sister Debra and my niece Kaelyn...we are going to a Halloween carnival on Saturday and Sunday I plan on sleeping in and doing some writing.  I currently have three websites that I will soon be writing for!!!  Now I just have to um....write

Well I hope you all have a long weekend and I hope next week is better than this one.

Ask Shia's Advice #1

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dear Shia,

I saw your post where you mentioned you were saving for your wedding and just wondered if you could offer some money saving advice....I don't have a wedding to pay for but I do feel like I live paycheck to paycheck when I know I shouldn't.  How did you start saving up?

Broke-ass in Broke-land

Dear Broke-ass in Broke-land,

Before I start I just want to say a few things....first ~ thanks for being my first advice column; two ~ your incognito name is cracking me up and three ~ I am definitely the girl to your rescue!!

Now ~ down to business.  For me saving money was brought on by the fact that I knew that I was wasting too much money {once I started saving I started to realize that I could pay for my wedding}.  So I can completely relate to what you are feeling.  

Here is how I started.  I have online banking so I logged on and printed out 3 months worth of statements {3 months to get a better view ~ 1 or 2 months might be haircut that month, etc}.  Even though I printed 3 months, I worked each month at a time.  I took a few different colored highlighters...with one color I highlighted my necessities...bills, gas and grocery store visits {this is not the area to start fixing first}, next color ~ eating out and trips to Starbucks; next color ~ shopping trips {ex. Target, Department Stores, Shoe Stores, Salons, etc.} then I added up everything by color.  

Now I knew how much I spent each month on necessities, eating out and shopping.  Like I said before....necessities are pretty much set in stone for the moment however....eating out and shopping can have DRASTIC cuts.  Before you start gasping over one month proceed to the other two...if the amounts are about the same for each of the extra can see where your problems are.  Eating out and Shopping are EXPENSIVE.  In the beginning, I didn't more eating out or no more shopping.  I just made a budget.  Let's say you spent $400 shopping....cut it in half!  Budget yourself $200.  But here is the tricky part...keeping track.  In the beginning, I kept track old school style in a notebook.  After losing track a few times, I signed up to {it is FREE}.  You can link all of your credit cards and bank accounts and you can even make category budgets.  Mint will send you email updates if you are close to exceeding your limit or if you have gone over.  Sometimes, it would throw things in the wrong category so you can just log on and fix it.  

Next open a savings account or dust off that empty one and start putting money in it.  Once you have a budget you know how much you can save each month.  Also make sure your new budget makes room for savings.  If you don't have much money left after necessities than you need to make MAJOR cuts on the other categories.  To help yourself stay on track saving, vow to leave it there once you put it there.  {Emergency only withdraws and a sale on shoes is NOT an}

I know it sounds hard and believe me it feels HORRIBLE when you first start.  I think shopping used to be my hobby and I literally would have these moments when I would think....I have to go shopping but I can't spend money....what am I supposed to do on the weekend then?  But once you start seeing the money accumulate in your savings account you'll start to realize that it is working and the new budget is worth it.  The more you stay on track the more natural it becomes.  I rarely go to Target now because I know if I go to Target for 1 or 2 things I will end up spending $100 on tons of other stuff I don't really need.  Before when I would see the Target charge in my account I wouldn't even be able to tell you what I bought that was how unnecessary the items were.  Less trips to certain stores really helps.  I'll seriously need something and drive right on past because I think....nah it can wait. 

When you do have to shop...have a list and know that what you need is on sale.  Makeup, Haircut, Shoes, Clothes, etc....we all know when stuff is on sale...I get MILLIONS of emails a month from companies telling me about sign up for the emails.  When you get a great two (or more depending on your budget - never exceed the budget for a sale...defeats the purpose) so it will last longer and by the time you need it again it is on sale again. 

Even at the grocery store, Paul and I NEVER buy stuff that is not on sale.  We'll say...hey we need this...well wait to next week because it's not in this week's ad.  {I'm not into couponing ~ I think it just makes you want to buy things you normally wouldn't ... because you have a coupon but maybe it's something you want to try....only use coupons for items you normally buy!!}

The more you save the less you will want to spend.  You can keep cutting your budget on the extra things.  Let's say you met your $200 budget and then you look at where you spent the'll start to I can STILL do better.  I can cut this and this and lower it to $100.  

Before long you'll be thinking about what you can do with all that $$$$ in the bank....great vacation, new car, etc.

Good luck and happy saving!!  If you need encouragement along the way or if you just want to brag about how great you are doing ~ you can always email me!

♥ Shia

Don't forget if you need advice on something ... email me at!!!

The Monster at the End of this Book

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When I was young...I LOVED this book!
I saw that it was Starbucks Pick of the 
Week App and had to share.
You can download it for free on
itunes until December 9, 2011!
The Download Code is 4THKMXYN93PN!

I really wanted to download it for my nieces
...but I don't have an iphone, ipad or a ipod touch =(
and it doesn't appear to just run through itunes so
I guess I'll have to just share it with my nieces
old school know....A BOOK!

What was one of your favorite childhood books?

Stop saying the "F" word!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Part of Speech:  adjective
Definition:  overweight
Synonyms:  beefy, big, blimp, bovine, brawny, broad, bulging, bulky, bull, burly, butterball, chunky, corpulent, distended, dumpy, elephantine, fleshy, gargantuan, gross, heavy, heavyset, hefty, husky, inflated, jellybelly, lard, large, meaty, obese, oversize, paunchy, plump, plumpish, ponderous, porcine, portly, potbellied, pudgy, roly-poly, rotund, solid, stout, swollen, thickset, weighty, whalelike
{obtained from}

I think the "f" word is pretty evil.  I mean think about all the times we've said it to ourselves and we KNOW we shouldn't but geez some of those synonyms are down right HATEFUL!
I recently saw this at Walmart ...

So let's all do ourselves a favor and NEVER call ourselves the "F" word because it's like calling yourselves all of those horrible synonyms!  If you are feeling bad about yourself at that particular moment...saying these evil words won't make yourself feel any better.  We all have days when we feel "f" but instead look past it and my hair looks great today, I'm rocking this make-up, etc.  Maybe if we stop saying the "F" word to ourselves maybe everyone will stop saying it {like "rotund"...who says that?!?} So is it a deal?  No more "F" word....pinky promise! 

Mad about Manicures!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

So on Friday, my work friend asked me if I would want to go with her at lunch to get her nails done so I thought sure...I really need a manicure and then I thought...perhaps I'll get something fun!

This was my inspiration from Nicole - Top to Toe
Click {here} to see her FAB blog!!

{Also please know that I had SEVERAL ideas from her blog and when I had the pics EVERYONE in the salon wanted to know who's nails they were...I {of course} passed her info around.}

So here is what I got....

Black, White & Yellow {obviously}

What do you think?  I love it but I will admit it does look a little
like Charlie  Also, don't forget to check out 
Nicole - Top to Toe she has some amazing nail polish skillz!!

Tights ARE NOT Skinny Jeans!!

Friday, October 14, 2011




Seriously, we are about to have a little heart to heart...gather around...sit in the circle...can I have your attention please...shush now and listen...okay I am here to tell you that...YOU CAN NOT WEAR TIGHTS as PANTS, SKINNY JEANS, OR ANY OTHER LOWER BODY FORM OF COVER UP.  Tights are for UNDER your outfit {wear with a shorter dress THAT COVERS YOUR BUM or with a longer shirt....THAT COVERS YOUR BUM}...they are NOT a stand alone feature....{don't interrupt} doesn't matter if you are SKINNY or can SEE THROUGH THEM!!!!  Meaning....EVERYONE CAN SEE ALL OF YOUR LADY BITS!!!!!!

Yesterday, as I was walking to lunch, I saw a girl off in the distance.  She appeared to have forgotten to put on her pants {and panties} ... it appeared that she only had a t-shirt on and I gasped and turned to my friend and pointed and said LOOOOOOOK!  As we got closer, I noticed that she did in fact have something "covering" her lower portion...she had on flesh toned tights!  Not only could you see through made her look naked from the waist down.  Tons of people were stopping and staring and POINTING!  I looked at my friend and's like that magazine that sends someone out of the street in an embarrassing outfit to see how people will react.  I felt like it HAD to be a set up....NO ONE IS THAT DELUSIONAL!!!  {Sadly ...she was and SOOOO many are!}

Now my lovelies....I know that you all have more respect for yourself than this but if you have done this {by mistake ... of course} please make sure that you NEVER EVER make this mistake EVER again...{group hug}!

Check out AHALife

Thursday, October 13, 2011

So AHALife, click {here} for the website, have some interesting beauty supplies on sale.  The one that caught my eye is...

this makeup opens flat and has 
storage areas and a pop out mirror.
The price is $98 so it's a little steep but 
could the convenience be worth the $$?

What do you think is worth it or overpriced?
{I'm a cheapskate (I have a wedding to pay for!!)
 so I'd love to hear what you think!}

P.S.  While you're at the site...sign up for their daily emails...some of the stuff they sell is HILARIOUS!!!

My's OK Thursday!

So one of my dear followers, Mily of Simply Mily (click {here} for her blog), posts this on Thursdays.  So I thought I would support the cause.  Also, head over to {Brunch with Amber} to link up your blog.  

It's OK...

to secretly despise capitalizing ok.
to admit...yes I have
if all you want to eat for dinner is Lucky Charms cereal.
to wake up EVERY morning and THINK about calling in.
to still think of your sisters as your bratty little sisters but love them dearly.
to stare at your engagement ring for HOURS I mean that is what it is there for!
to check your blog 1000000000 times a day for new followers.
to tell EVERYONE {with the excitement of a child on Christmas} your updated follower count!
if right after vacation you are thinking...when is my next 3 day weekend?
if you had a glob of mascara on your face and no one told you about it.
to yell at your friend for NOT telling you about the glob!
it's okay if your idea of big plans for the weekend is watching the 4 hour Kim Kardashian Wedding on DVR.
to think that a pint of ice cream is a  handy prepackaged serving size and eat the ENTIRE pint!
to buy Little Debbie snacks for your afternoon snack.
to constantly feel like your wardrobe needs a makeover.
to hate wearing heals!
to love wearing flats!

Again...don't forget to check out Mily's blog and link up with Amber!  
Have a great Thursday and just think...TOMORROW IS FRIDAY....YAY!!!!

Ask Shia's Advice!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So my friend constantly tells me that I need to become a counselor or a therapist because she tells me something and I always have a solution for her.  So today I joke and I just need an advice column!  Which made me think....why not devote some time to it on my blog.

So if you need advice ON ANYTHING email me at and I'll post your problem with like "Desperately Seeking Advice in Atlanta" or whatever as your name...I would never call you out ... then I'll post my reply.

I just have a natural gift of giving advice which I totally get from my mom...she is a great advice giver too!  I can't wait to hear from you.

Seriously no problem is too big or too can be about your relationship, products to by, ways to save money, getting into college, organizing your home, life, etc., family stuff, whatever!!  

I am the quintessential know it all without the stuck up attitude of knowing it all.  Ask me and I'll give you an answer!


Emma Watson!!

I saw this ad in a magazine and I LOVE it.  Emma Watson has turned into a fashion icon overnight.  Sure her mousy character in Harry Potter was a sweet knowledgeable girl power heroine but this witch knows fashion.  I just adore her pixie breaks her free from Hogwarts and shows that she has grown up.  I'm usually not one to be tempted to buy something just because a celebrity pimps it out but I really want to know how this perfume smells!  Do any of you wear it?  

What do you think?  Isn't she just absolutely gorgeous?

She just screams quintessential youth you know what all of us girls want ... to grow up and not be little girls anymore but we want to look radiantly young but fiercely sophisticated and Emma is totally rocking it.  What's the British equivalent to "you go girl"?

What do you think?

Do or Don't?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Saturated colour | 10 ways to give your living room personality | family living room ideas | living room decorating ideas | living room | housetohome

A tip from House to Home...use a bright shade of color but don't paint all the way up to the top. I feel like when you look at this room you see all the prettiness and at first you don't notice the undone bit but once you focus on it ... it's all you can see.  What do you think?  Do or don't?

A least you don't have to put up all that painting tape and worry about edges and straight lines but don't you think you would have to tell anyone that visits you..."No it is SUPPOSED to be that way."

So do you have any undone remodeling around your house?  If so, here's a new's not is a new trend that you have done on purpose!

The Best Drugstore Shampoo & Conditioner

Monday, October 10, 2011

So when I was packing for vacation there was that dreaded thought...what am I going to do about shampoo and conditioner.  Face it trial sizes are not adequate for conditoner...sure I could get maybe two uses out of the what am I supposed to do buy like 10 of each of crappy products at $1.00 thanks.  So since I use liters of my normal stuff...there was that dreaded thought of pumping it into travel size containers...again the thought just brought on a big sigh.  So instead I thought...why not try out a drugstore shampoo and conditioner for the I could blog about it.  So I decided to get Aveeno Nourish & Moisturize Shampoo & Conditioner.  I think it was priced around $6 each but it had a $1 off coupon attached to each bottle and the shampoo came with a travel sized lotion (more on that later).  

As you have seen on my previous post, I use Redken All Soft and it makes my hair super soft.  Well Aveeno works just as well and maybe even a tad better because the conditioner isn't as thick as the All Soft so it rinses out easier.  I fell in love with this stuff the first time I used it.  It works great and has a softer scent than the All Soft which is a negative for me because I like my hair to smell shampoo clean.  

Since it's only 10.5 oz, I did get close to running out of conditioner while on vacation because some of it leaked out during the flight up and ironically Paul was using it to shave his face.  He said to me one day...I like that conditioner you bought it works well as shaving cream.  {Remember the post about shaving with conditioner...Lita Kim from Paper Folded Messages commented that she shaves with Aveeno totally does work! }  So since I needed to get some cash I decided to buy some more at CVS which then lead to ANOTHER section of my blog post....

CVS has their version and you get 14oz!!

I paid 4.99 for the CVS brand and got 3.5 more ounces.  They also had the Aveeno brand on sale for $5.99 so had they had those $1 off coupons attached they would have been the same price.  So I bought the CVS brand and it is the SAME stuff!  Same smell, same consistency and works EXACTLY the same.  Since I had Aveeno and CVS...I alternated them to make a fair comparison.  I even had Paul shave with the CVS brand and he said it worked the same.  

Is it cheaper?  So 1 Liter of Redken All Soft is 33.8 oz at ($11.99 to $13.99 depending on the sale at Ulta and the coupon available in the ad so let's say the higher price for the sake of the test) $13.99.  For Aveeno if you buy 3 bottles you're at 31.5 oz and at roughly $18.  As for the CVS brand, you're still at 3 bottles but you have 42 oz for roughly $15.  All Soft ends up being about $0.41 per oz so you add up the extra ounces and you're price is roughly $17 for 42 oz.  So the CVS brand is actually cheaper than All Soft and of course Aveeno.  

So I might make a full time switch for two reasons, (i) I can only buy All Soft when it is on sale and I have to stock up...which means several trips to Ulta to use multiple ad coupons and I can walk into CVS anytime for the CVS brand Aveeno and (ii) I really think I like the Aveeno stuff better. than All Soft..the shampoo lathers up better and it and the conditoner rinses out faster and easier.  

So there you have it girls...Aveeno or CVS brand (of Aveeno) are the best drugstore shampoos and conditioners.

Have you tried the CVS brand (of Aveeno)?  What did you think?

Also side note...I used the shampoo as a face wash and my face is so soft and smooth.  So now I am thinking about trying more Aveeno products perhaps CVS has the entire Aveeno line....stay tuned.

No Shopping Required!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Originally Posted 5/10/11

I am really bad at buying items and only wearing them in one particular outfit.  Also, how many times do you buy something new that looks like something you already own?   So I thought enough is enough I am going to do a little "shopping" in my very own closet.  So last night I came up with 5 new outfits in just 20 minutes.

So I started with this skirt which I bought on 
clearance at Banana Republic about 3 years ago.

A) Nine West - bought at an outlet on "sale" about a year ago.
B) Ann Taylor Loft - bought on clearance about a year ago.
C) Worthington - bought on clearance at JCPenneys about 3 year ago. 

This is a great Monday outfit because with minimal 
effort it is a cute and polished office outfit.
A) Ann Taylor Loft embellished tank- I bought this as part of my "looking at engagement
rings outfit" I have never worn it without the sweater I bought for 
that outfit and since it is warm out needed a new way to wear it.  
B) Kristen Davis Shrug - I bought it at Belks on clearance about 2 years ago. 
C) Guess - bought at a Guess outlet on clearance about 3 years ago.
D) Xhilaration @ Target - I bought these shoes on clearance about 4 years ago.

A) Merona by Target - this scoop neck tshirt almost made
 it in that give away pile because it is too big but I thought perhaps paring
 it with something else would make it  work and here's what I came up with. 
I purchased this shirt recently without trying it on  because I have this shirt in 
other colors and figured it would fit.  Never buy stuff without trying it on!!!
B) Merona by Target - I bought this embellished
 tank on clearance last winter to spruce up boring sweaters.  
C) Chanel tote - I love this bag.  It is FAKE!  
$10 at the flea market!  I know...HORRIBLE!
D) Steve Madden - I love these shoes I have had them
 for about 5 years.  I bought them on clearance at Belks.

A) Kristen Davis shrug - I bought this on clearance at Belk about 2 years ago.
B) Banana Republic embellished tank - I bought this on clearance last winter.
It almost made it in the give away pile until I remembered this shrug.
C) Patent Leather peep toe wedges - I recently bought these at Ross for $8.
D) Guess - I wanted this bag for the longest time and 
I got it on clearance at Belk about 3 years for $40 ($200 originally).

A) Kohl's embellished top - I bought this at Kohl's about 2 years ago.
B) Nine West - I bought this purse at TJMaxx about 3 years ago for $10.
C) Mossimo @ Target - I recently bought these 
flats as my summer office friendly sandles.

This is a great Friday outfit because like Monday you can just throw
 it on for a great cute polished Friday look without a lot of effort 
and on Friday the last thing you want to think of is what to wear just want the weekend to start already.

So take my advice, "shop" your closet ~ 
you have great stuff in there waiting to be worn!

Stay Tuned for my Fall Collection!

What have you pulled out of your closet lately?

What's the big deal?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Originally Posted on March 25, 2011

So if you are like me…getting a good deal is your passion in life.  However, when is a deal a deal?  There seems to be so many ways to “save” money but are you actually saving any money? 

Coupons – They are all the rage at the moment.  There are entire blogs and websites devoted to coupons.  However you only save money when you use a coupon for something you need and usually buy.  Coupons are like little cut out advertisements – they entice you to buy items that you don’t normally buy because you’ll say to yourself – “it’s okay I have a coupon for it.”  Of course if you are a coupon queen and you are saving tons on every item you use – than good for you but in reality most people are just getting duped into buying crap they don’t need just because they have a coupon.

Clearance Items – This can be hit or miss.  I’ve found some great deals on clearance of stuff I really needed and I’ve bought a lot of junk just because it was on clearance.  For example, I used to buy tons of clothes from Target on clearance basically because they were cheap.  However, I’ve started asking myself a few questions before I start loading up on the $3 t-shirts or whatever.  1) Why is it on clearance?  Sometimes there’s a reason – it wasn’t a good seller which leads to fit, quality, etc. 2) Do I really need it?  Chances are I don’t.  However, when you find something on clearance that you actually need – celebrate!

Seasonal Items – I never buy a coat at the beginning of winter.  Wait a few weeks…it will go on sale or buy next year’s coat in Spring it will be at its cheapest.  Also never buy a bathing suit when they lug out the racks.  That’s when they want you to buy them.  Again, wait and chances are you can get a deal.  Here in Florida I think Target keeps bathing suits out all year long.  So there’s constantly swimsuits being marked down.  Want to redecorate/organize a room on a budget?  Wait until the beginning of the school year…all kinds of stuff goes on sale some of it is of course in bright neon or solid colors because apparently that is what every college kid wants to decorate their dorm room with but seriously you can find some good stuff.  You can make it work to your advantage.  When I organized my closet…I got all of the stuff CHEAP because it was that time of year.  Same thing goes with office supplies.  Paper, pens, clips and stuff are always cheap when school starts and you know this girl loves office supplies especially CHEAP office supplies.  Want new decorations/wrapping paper for Christmas?  Wait until after Christmas to buy them.  For example, last year I found black and white damask wrapping paper at Target at Christmas time.  I bought one roll and then after Christmas I bought three more…$1 each.  Also, the paper can be used on all kinds of gifts not just Christmas.  But as always….ask yourself….do I really need this or am I just buying it because it is cheap.

Buying online – Sure we all get tons of emails everyday about online sales but be careful.  Think about it are you getting something at a discount but then find yourself buying more stuff to reach a certain amount of money to get free shipping or is the shipping outrageous?  An example of good intentions going bad, I bought the Vera Bradley laptop skin…first I didn’t pay enough attention and I thought I was getting a laptop sleeve for that price and the shipping was like an additional $8 which was about half of what the item costs – to add insult to injury my sister Debra came out for a day of shopping and she got the EXACT same laptop skin from a shop for like $12 because it was on sale.  I ended up paying twice that ordering it online.

EBay – There are some really good deals to be found on Ebay.  Just be careful of the bidding wars…if you have to bid on something set a price in your head and don’t go over it – no matter what.  I have just started only buying things that are Buy Now.  No bidding and you know what you are going to pay straight up.  I’ve bought perfume, makeup, purses, phone accessories and a memory card reader.  Always look at the seller’s feedback and don’t forget to add in the shipping if your item is $1 and they want $7.99 to ship it…I’d pass.  Also, if you purchase something – sign up with Paypal – that way if you don’t receive it you’ll get your money back.

Wholesale Clubs – Sometimes you can find good deals…like laundry soap, TP, razors but other times you’re just getting larger quantities of items and not really getting any real savings.  So price compare – if you know how much you would pay for something somewhere else and you see it in bulk at Sams or Costco….do the math … is it cheaper?  If so, buy it.  If not, you really don’t need a million of it at once anyway. 

Outlet Malls – OMG don’t get me started.  I totally think outlets are for suckers.  Most of the prices in outlets are the prices you can get it anywhere else on sale.  So where’s the real savings.  Regular stores run sales all the time so don’t even try to tell me that it is ALWAYS on sale at the outlet.  Also, some store like Gap, JCrew, etc give you a lesser quality item for an outlet price so sure you might get a JCrew sweater cheaper at the outlet but it was made cheaper too. 

So all in all, think before you buy and when you do find that “good deal” enjoy it!

When and where do you find the best deals?

My guy's closet...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Originally Posted on January 3, 2011

So how many of you have old clothes in your closet that you're keeping for who knows what reason?...too small - will fit one day...too big - will fit one day, etc. Well since I have cleaned out my closet, I've noticed that Paul has clothes that he is holding on to. People he has STONE WASHED JEANS - and yes they are HIDEOUS as they sound and some of the other pieces of clothing are just as HILARIOUS. There is a vest! YES SHIA SAID VEST!!!! You thought stonewash was hilarious .... I can tell you that he'll NEVER wear any of this stuff but it's just comical that men hold on to old clothes too. But trust me....FUNNY STUFF. Also, it's just amusing to know that those quirky things that women do....MEN DO THEM TOO!  So, next time your guy is giving you a hard time about your wardrobe or hoarding stuff. Look in their's definitely entertaining to say the least.

What hilarious stuff does your guy hold onto?

Hello from Canada!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thank you all for your comments while I'm on vacation.  This is literally the first chance I had to actually sit down and really look at my blog {only because it is raining}.  Paul and I have been on the go go GO our entire vacation but you'll have to wait until I come back to see and hear all about it.  I just wanted to jump on and give a quick shout out to all of you reading and enjoying my blog montage.  I really appreciate all your support! Well there's a few days of the montage left and I have tons of entries to read on all of your blogs...but don't worry I'll catch up with all of you when I return.

♥ Shia

Is there a monkey on your back?

Originally Posted on March 23, 2011

So we all have bad habits….mine as I have said is too much tv and going to Starbucks.  Bad habits can really be anything…nail biting, always saying yes instead of saying no like you want to, always being  5 minutes late, gossiping, facebook & twittering too much, over texting and of course things that are bad for your health like smoking, overeating, drinking and drug use. 

Here are some tips to help break a bad habit:
  1. Identify your bad habits:  Compare yourself to your value standards – are you living up to your standards?  Look for the things that you consistently do that don't live up to your own standards – those are your bad habits.
  2. Listen up:  There are two sides of us inside – think of it like the cartoons with the character with the little angel and devil on his shoulder questioning which one to listen to.  If you keep listening to the little devil – its voice just gets louder and louder.  Shut it up for good by consistently choosing the angel.
  3. Suck it up:  Power through the initial pain.  The first couple of days are the worst – it will get easier over time.  However, once it starts getting easier and you start making real progress on kicking that bad habit…don’t get complacent or you’ll slip right back into your bad habit.
  4. Make no exceptions:  once you start don’t kid yourself with “one last time bull”.  No cheating of any kind stick with it – you can do it.
  5. Replace your bad habit with a good habit:  For example, if you’re planning on cutting out soda – drink more water, etc. just make your new habit doable don’t set yourself up for failure.  Subbing is not your fail-safe the bad habit is still lurking waiting to make its comeback so choose your new habit wisely. 
  6. Lose your bad habit in 30 days!:  It’s not proven how long it exactly takes to kick your bad habit to the curb so if you think it’s taking you forever – just remember you’re giving it up for forever…that’s a long time so stop looking at the calendar and just keep going.
  7. Fall off the wagon?:   If you fall off get right back on.  Don’t beat yourself up – you’re only human.  Just step back and assess the situation.  What made you fall off?  How can you avoid falling off again? Just remember….YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
What's your bad habit?  Have you tried to kick it?  Any luck?

What's my style?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Originally Posted on September 18, 2010

So, while recuperating from my mini bike adventure (click here to read) I decided to watch Season 1 of Bored to Death. It’s a pretty good series on HBO. It’s about a writer who decides to be an unlicensed private detective on the side. Anyways, I digress. So of course while watching this NYC based show I look at the female characters and see that they have style and I’ve thought…what’s my style and do I have style? 

Okay honestly I’m thinking…no I have no style. I just buy what fits or is on sale. Does that make style? I see these characters and I see that they have planned out outfits down to accessories, etc. I’ve just never been that type of girl who is going to pay $29.99 or MORE for some plastic jewelry to accessorize my outfit. I mean to me jewelry is important not something plastic. 

For our first Christmas Paul bought me a three stone diamond pendant necklace. I wear this EVERYDAY because it means something to me. There’s no way that I’m going to trade off wearing my diamond necklace from Paul to wear some plastic matchy crap from the accessory rack. 

Might I also mention that I no longer have pierced ears. Sure I went through that whole phase in my early 20s but I feel like I outgrew it. I feel like buying all those cheap earrings were totally not worth the infections, redness, soreness, swelling, etc. I just felt like what is the point and shouldn’t I be too old to wear earrings from Clarie’s or whatever. 

So putting the accessories aside since I obviously have some deep rooted aggression against them…what about the rest of the outfit? The dress with the perfect sweater and the perfect shoe….do I do this? Maybe…once in a while. I just feel like style should come naturally. You should just wake up go to your closet and the magic happen and some days the magic just isn’t there so you just make the best of it. Right? Or am I wrong?  

Maybe I’m just not cut out to be one of those girly girls with the style and accessories. There was a time in my early 20s that I thought I wasn’t girly enough. I wore little to no makeup and maintain my white girl fro to the best of my abilities. Well I got sick of feeling that way…bought Benefit cosmetics and got a straighter, had my hair chemically straightened (TWICE), highlights, hair color changes, the works. I then felt like I was teeter tottering on high maintenance. 

At this point, I feel like I just don’t care enough. I feel like wearing what I wear when I wear it. Granted it’s not like I can’t put together a cute outfit sometimes I’d just rather slap something on and go to work. Last fall/winter, I would wear trouser jeans to work. In order to keep wearing them I would jazzy them up with a nice top and a sweater and a cute shoe. It was like I was camouflaging the jeans with accessories. Honestly, it worked. I made it the WHOLE time without anyone saying ANYTHING about me wearing jeans. So see sometimes I can pull together some style. 

Also, Paul is a very down to earth individual. He loves me for me. I don’t have to straighten my hair daily…he actually complains when I do. He hated the make up I wore, i.e Benefit, and now likes my more natural look I’m getting with Bareminerals. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to be dressed to the nine for the man I love 24/7. He’s gotta love you at your worst anyways because it’s not going to last if he didn’t. 

Also, I just feel like having a style is just like eating healthy. It’s expensive! Just think about all the crap you have to buy to make an outfit! Since, homegirl here is working on the Jew Fund…I find it hard to invest in new clothes for work. Who’s work! I don’t work at a fashion forward law firm in NYC. I work in Jacksonville, FL. Home of the cracker…lol. My lack of style is still better than a lot of what is walking around that place. 

I guess to sum it up…my style lacks motivation. I just don’t care enough on a daily basis to make an outfit.  I just get dressed and head out the door. So what you see is what you get. Granted…it fits and it matches.  I’m not one of those sad befores from What not to Wear. So I guess it’s not too bad…or wait isn’t that what those people are thinking when they are wearing those hideous outfits?

Again, I’m so happy to get my laptop working again without it this blog would have ceased to exist. It was soooo refreshing to just type away on my random thoughts. This is why my blog became so one topic. The random thoughts were never making it to the blog because I forgot them before I got to my work computer.

What's your style?

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