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Secrets Equal Lying?

Is keeping a secret from someone close to you the same as lying?
Once I got a speeding ticket and I didn't tell Paul because I was going to have a friend take it to Traffic Court for me.  I thought...I'll get it cleaned up and THEN I will tell him.  Well I forgot (since I hadn't had a ticket in awhile) that when you get a speeding ticket you get TONS of junk mail about taking a traffic school course to have the points removed.  Needless to say, Paul found out by checking the mail and then was pretty upset with me for not telling him.  I wasn't necessarily not telling him for any particular reason.  I just thought...why tell him now.  He said keeping secrets was like lying and that we have to be able to have trust.  Seriously I thought he was blowing it way out of control but I guess keeping secrets can be a slippery slope.
So what if your friends are keeping secrets?  Is it the same as keeping it from your partner or family?  Is it breaking the trust of the friendship…

Thank you all for the Birthday Wishes...

I had a fabulous birthday!  Thank you all!!

It's my Birthday!!

It's okay Thursday #6

It's Okay....
that I have barely blogged this week ~ I will get back on track ~ SOON!
that I don't want to go out to dinner for my birthday ~ hello eating out is like a bazillion calories!
that yesterday I wore out my entire battery on my new iPod because I was downloading a ton of apps!
to buy my iPod case from Ebay ~ hello cheaper!!
to search Ebay before buying most
to be turning 33 tomorrow!  Yep...Shia is OLD and totally fine with it!
to put on your casual hoodie at work when they have the air conditioning set to -20 degrees...hello I am freezing!
to drink 90 gallons of water a day...okay maybe not 90 gallons but it feels that way...and like it!
to eat cake on your birthday ~ making it with diet soda ~ thanks to a lovely follower messaging me and giving me the 411 on low calorie baked goodies!!  (I'll post what I make to share)
to listen to whales singing on your iPod app called sleep pillow and falling asleep in like 2 mins...ahhhhhh
to be excited to ru…

Best Intentions

What's that saying...the road is to ..... is paved with best intentions?
So my weekend posts were an absolute bust!  And where is Ask Shia...again...I am hopeless (SOON).  Let me give you an overview of what's going on.  
Okay first off we all know that I am getting married.  Well the date has change (it's sooner) and the location.  So I am frantically trying to get stuff done.  One of the things is...I want to lose some weight...seems like weddings and weight loss go hand in hand - sort of clique but I really want to look fabulous in my photos and not want to tear them I have some work to do.  
I have been calorie counting but not really getting any results so once the date change (mind you less than a month difference) I decided that I needed to get stuff done!  All last week I followed the old points plan for Weight Watchers...walked the bridges...and even worked out at night.  I weighed myself last Wednesday and thought okay I can do this....then I decided wha…

Happy Friday Lovely Bloggers!!

Man...a five day week when almost EVERYONE had a four day week...stinks but Friday is FINALLY here!! I am hoping for a super productive weekend.  I am going to make a list of all the stuff I want to get done because I find when I have a list ~ I'm more likely to accomplish it all.
First off, Saturday posts will start appearing more and the topic of Saturday posts will be well....I guess just tune in to see...(wink).
One of the things on top of my list is that Ask Shia's Advice that I have never answered....I have done A LOT of research and even have an outline ready but I haven't sat down and written it...if you emailed me it and are thinking "What the" worries I am kicking myself everyday too.  It will be up Monday I promise ~ cross my heart!!

What are your big plans this weekend?  Doing any crafts, writing or painting?  Hanging out with friends and shopping?  I'd love to hear.


Instyle Jessica Chastain
WHAT SHE WOREChastain hit the N.Y.C. premiere of Coriolanus in a chantilly lace Monique Lhuillier gown, Jimmy Choo platforms and Harry Winston diamonds.

I recently spotted her in two movies ~ actually watched on the same night ~ The Help and The Debt. She was great in both! Love her!!

It's Okay Thursday #5

Link up with Amber and Neely!
It's Okay......
1) that I haven't done one of these posts in FOREVER!
2) to be obsessed with my google earnings ~ I am almost at a pay out amount!

3) to consider framing that check when I get it!

4) that I bought like 3 deluxe sizes of my current foundation and had to scramble for an old one because I am too pale to wear what I've been wearing...I mean it is WINTER is some parts of the world!

5) to not care about Twitter and Facebook ~ really I don't and I won't.

6) to think you're too cool for not caring about Twitter and

7) to yell at complete strangers in the parking garage going -1 mph the whole way up to the NINTH floor!  I mean I'm in my car ~ windows up ~ I don't think they can hear.

8) to get your Free Drink Birthday coupon from Starbucks and treat it like Smigel from the Lord of the Rings ~ my precious.

9) to use ..... and ~ all the time!  I love it ~ it's just me...and how I roll ~ in the blog …

Blog Award!!

Recently, I received a blog award from La vie, Style et Beaute' (Life Style & Beauty)!

1. Link back the person who awarded you:  La vie, Style et Beaute' (Life Style & Beauty) .
2. Answer award questions.
3. Tell us something about yourself you haven’t told us in your blog yet.
4. Award as many blogs you think are worthy of this award.
5. Make sure you let those you give this award know you have awarded them.

1. What is your go to make up product?
Bareminerals Mineral Veil ~ you can wear it with no make up and still look fabulous!

2. What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011?
I'm the worst about following trends...I don't tend to jump on them.  The trend I really want to be a part of is the whole satchel bag...I want one really bad but haven't found a cute one anywhere...any suggestions?

3. What is your favorite dessert?
Birthday cake ~ mine is coming up...January 27th!!

4. Favorite color?
I bet you thought I was going to say  Nope, it&#…

What's your bedroom style?

French? Country Cottage? Modern with hints of Traditional style?

Minimalistic? Rustic? Hotel Chic? Modern? I lean towards Country Cottage but that Hotel Chic catches my eye too.  But if I had to choose...COUNTRY COTTAGE!!
Which one do you choose?

Friday the 13th

I'm not normally a superstitious person.  I can't remember the last time I cared that it was Friday the 13th but last Friday...almost made me a believer in all the superstitious mumbo jumbo.  
First my day started off with my key to my brand new car (seriously it's like 2 months old) not working.  So I ran back inside and upstairs to get my spare then stopped working.  I went back and forth to the dealership several times and wasted almost the entire work day dealing with this key issue.  It then just turned out to be the battery to the key!  Seriously!!  Just a battery!!  I wasted like 6 hours dealing with just a battery!  When I was waiting on my car to be washed...yeah I was like WASH IT...I deserve at least  The service department guy says to me...yeah crazy things happen reply was what...Fridays?  He was like no Friday the 13th!  
Seriously, if my day wasn't already bad enough after he said that...things just got worse and worse.  …

Looks of the Day

Kristen BellWHAT SHE WOREFor the House of Lies premiere, Kristen Bellsparkled in a silver Zuhair Murad minidress, rose gold Le Vian earrings and cap-toe Louboutins.

WHY WE LOVE ITThe always-radiant blonde amped up her natural glow with a shimmering ensemble.

Emily Blunt arrived for the Palm Springs International Film Festival premiere of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen in a guipure lace Marios Schwab design. Rose gold Dana Rebecca Designs jewels, a pave Melinda Maria ring, a studded Marchesa clutch and pewter heels completed the look. 
Dark accessories and contoured panels gave the actress's pretty pink dress a modern edge.
I love both of these actresses but I think Kristen's dress looks like an ice skating leotard and Emily's is too pale.
What do you think?

Friendship Facts

I found these friendship facts in Allure magazine ~ December issue and I thought I would share... 120: followers of World According to Shia Thank you to each of you for being a friend to my blog!  You all mean a lot to me!

Is it just me?

I miss the Starbucks holiday cups!
Since they closed the Starbucks within walking distance from my  office building...literally it was across the street...I don't get to drink Starbucks as much as I used to...I'm sure my bank account loves that it closed but I just feel like I got shafted on enjoying the holiday cups.
Let's face it I don't wake up early enough to sit in the line at the drive-thru Starbucks near my house everyday..sigh...I know I know...I probably have more important things that should be on my mind but Monday I went to Starbucks ordered my Tall (yes folks I am one of those ANNOYING people that order the smallest drink ~ calorie counting will do that ~ lol) and when the barista (what's the male version of that word) handed me my drink at the drive thru I literally gasped...oh more holiday cups ... he looked at me like I was a freak ~ like duh lady it's January!
I guess it's the little things in life that make life special ~ in my ca…


A few years ago, several people I met kept telling me I looked like Angelina first I shrugged it off like nah...just rocking the sleek pony tail so it reminds them of Tomb Raider...then it kept this day I am still like NO WAY do I look like Angelina Jolie!
The best compliments I receive now are the comments I get on my writing style and my blog.  I love to hear when people love my blog...not to be vain, but as reassurance that people get me and my blog and like it.  It gives me hope that one day (when I have experience courage to ever try to get published a magazine editor so where out there will get it and love it too).  Even though I love to hear it ... I still get a little "ahhhhh shucks" when I read it.  =)
I think the worst "compliment" has to be..."when is your baby due" and the woman is not pregnant.  I had this happen to me from an old lady behind the deli counter...I literally cried...she apologized...I cried and left the…

Are you a Good Girl or Bad Girl?

from Glamour magazine
Don't you think that both get a bad wrap?  Bad girls are thought of as cheap, easy and trashy and good girls are thought of as stuck up and often snooty.  So maybe pic a happy medium?  Is there such a middle ground?  What do you think?  Would you pick one/have you picked one?

Do or Don't?

Temporary Lip Tattoos
What do you think do or don't?

Crying ~ Helps?

"Most people believe that crying will make them feel better, but in many instances, it doesn't, a team of psychologists in the United States and the Netherlands have found.  The researchers asked 97 women keep diaries about their crying and mood for about two months.  The majority of the women - 60 percent - reported feeling the same after they cried as before, and 9 percent felt worse.  Nor surprisingly, those who were prone to negative moods shed tears the most, and those with frequently shifting moods felt like crying more than others.  In these cases, weepy episodes generally led to a worse mood and seemed to produce no benefit, the psychologists say.  Interestlingly, the 30 percent of women who did have a cathartic cry tended to weep more intensely - big sobs that did not necessarily last long - and they were more likely to be with one other person while they cried.  "Don't expect crying by itself to bring relief," says study coauthor Jonathan Rottenberg, a…

National Letter Writing Week

Images from Pinterest
Send someone a handwritten note to brighten their day  and participate in National Letter Writing Week!

The Best Mineral Eyeshadow

BareMinerals "The Top Shelf" 15 Duo Compacts Available $20
So as we all know ~ I'm a huge fan of BareMinerals.  It's the only make-up I wear (well minus mascara ~ haven't tried BMs yet).
So normally I wear the mineral powder eyeshadow ~ you can get them in a range of colors ~ one shade for $13 ~ kinda steep for one color but they last forever.
Recently, BMs unveiled eyeshadow pallets when visiting the store to get my foundation ~ I tried the new eyeshadow ~ it's very velvety and smooth.
I like the eyeshadow but I wear a more neutral look ~ this one creates a darker look without looking like a raccoon ~ it's very soft ~ yet glimmery.
I definitely recommend this eyeshadow but it's a bit pricey...however I've had mine for about three months and this is how much is left.....
The quads are $30 and they have 4 color pallets to choose from. They also have 2 pallets with 8 colors for $40.
Let me know if you have tried it or if you are going to!

Guest Post!!

Hey ladies! I am Melina and I blog over Only A Flight Away.

I thought I would share my story about my long distance relationship with my boyfriend Sebastian. Enjoy♥  It all started back in 2009. was my obsession back in those days. Hopping from one fotolog to another, I found Sebastian's fotolog. It was love at first sight. I left him a message saying I added him on MSN. Ya ladies.. I had to talk to this guy! Next thing I know I am sitting in front of my laptop full of butterflies in my stomach, chatting and laughing with him like if we known each other for years. After a couple of months I decided to go to Buenos Aires, Argentina and finally meet the guy that made my heart beat so fast. December 17, 2009 I arrived in EZE Airport. As I walked to the waiting area, I look up and saw him smiling right at me. I started shaking because I couldn't believe we were steps away from each other. He walked really fast until we meet eye to eye. He hugged me so tight and kissed…