Best Intentions

Monday, January 23, 2012

What's that saying...the road is to ..... is paved with best intentions?

So my weekend posts were an absolute bust!  And where is Ask Shia...again...I am hopeless (SOON).  Let me give you an overview of what's going on.  

Okay first off we all know that I am getting married.  Well the date has change (it's sooner) and the location.  So I am frantically trying to get stuff done.  One of the things is...I want to lose some weight...seems like weddings and weight loss go hand in hand - sort of clique but I really want to look fabulous in my photos and not want to tear them I have some work to do.  

I have been calorie counting but not really getting any results so once the date change (mind you less than a month difference) I decided that I needed to get stuff done!  All last week I followed the old points plan for Weight Watchers...walked the bridges...and even worked out at night.  I weighed myself last Wednesday and thought okay I can do this....then I decided what the heck...I'll actually join Weight Watchers on Saturday - go to the meetings and then give Saturday updates (mind you this didn't happen...but it will...good intentions  

So Saturday when I showed up to the meeting and weighed in I was actually down 1.6 from the stuff I had been doing all forward through the meeting (more on that later) and then it was an afternoon of running...jumping...climbing...MORE running with my nieces all day.  

So Sunday as you can see I was exhausted.  Oh wait rewind...I am trying to sleep better (more on that later)  and I am trying to wake up I got up at 7:30 AM (people...I still consider this NIGHTTIME) and by 2pm I was exhausted!  No blogging occurred because I just couldn't bring myself to sit in front of the was the first time blogging ever felt like a nuisance.

To sum it up...I feel like I am getting into a good pace with working out and eating I just need to incorporate blog time back in there (see I used to use my lunch breaks for blogging but now they are filled with exercising) and then once all three are working like a well oiled machine...we are GOLDEN!!

Oh also, I make painstakingly hard efforts to make my blog worries this is not going to be consumed with weight loss...but for the next two weeks I will be posting some posts about self image and healthy lifestyle tips.  But after that, I will leave weekends for my weight loss updates.

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  1. Howww did I not know you were getting married. How incredibly (!!!!!!) exciting! It sounds like you're well on your way to reaching your goal of weight loss and I just loved the honesty of this post. Thats what blogging is about, sharing our lives so you're doing a fanatastic job. I hope your quest continues successfully and I look forward to reading many more posts on it!

    Anna xo


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