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Friday the 13th

I'm not normally a superstitious person.  I can't remember the last time I cared that it was Friday the 13th but last Friday...almost made me a believer in all the superstitious mumbo jumbo.  

First my day started off with my key to my brand new car (seriously it's like 2 months old) not working.  So I ran back inside and upstairs to get my spare then stopped working.  I went back and forth to the dealership several times and wasted almost the entire work day dealing with this key issue.  It then just turned out to be the battery to the key!  Seriously!!  Just a battery!!  I wasted like 6 hours dealing with just a battery!  When I was waiting on my car to be washed...yeah I was like WASH IT...I deserve at least  The service department guy says to me...yeah crazy things happen reply was what...Fridays?  He was like no Friday the 13th!  

Seriously, if my day wasn't already bad enough after he said that...things just got worse and worse.  I got back to work and EVERYTHING that could have gone wrong did ~ I mean seriously ~ copier jammed ~ computer froze ~ I dropped a whole stack of copies on the floor and they got all mixed up ~ AHHHHH!

However, I kept a level head through it all ~ I worked until 8pm and then went home and worked some more. So even though, I might have gotten the beat down by Friday the 13th...I just owned it and powered through!

Also ~ as much as I love my VW key ~ my parking garage weapon if need be ~ I seriously hated it on Friday. Sometimes technology sucks!  What happened to the good old days when you could just turn your key in the door and be done!?!?  

How was your Friday the 13th?  Also, happy joy joy to those of you off today ~ I am at

OH and I lost a follower!!  I think that had to be the worst part of my day!  Where did you go?  Why did you leave????  I can change.....(I'm pathetic I


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