Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's okay Thursday #6

It's Okay....

that I have barely blogged this week ~ I will get back on track ~ SOON!

that I don't want to go out to dinner for my birthday ~ hello eating out is like a bazillion calories!

that yesterday I wore out my entire battery on my new iPod because I was downloading a ton of apps!

to buy my iPod case from Ebay ~ hello cheaper!!

to search Ebay before buying most

to be turning 33 tomorrow!  Yep...Shia is OLD and totally fine with it!

to put on your casual hoodie at work when they have the air conditioning set to -20 degrees...hello I am freezing!

to drink 90 gallons of water a day...okay maybe not 90 gallons but it feels that way...and like it!

to eat cake on your birthday ~ making it with diet soda ~ thanks to a lovely follower messaging me and giving me the 411 on low calorie baked goodies!!  (I'll post what I make to share)

to listen to whales singing on your iPod app called sleep pillow and falling asleep in like 2 mins...ahhhhhh

to be excited to run around the park with your 2 year old niece on Saturday...I love that lil munchkin!!

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  1. low calorie baked goodies

    and happy birthday love!
    i wont be here tomorrow
    because i leave to Vegas
    but i wanted to wish you
    the best on your special day ♥

    i hope you have a wonderful
    time and don't forget to
    make your 3 wishes!

    love you girl!

    Melina ♥

  2. Um WHAT?!?!?!? I thought you were like mid 20s.

  3. Amazon has great phone covers too! Happy Birthday!


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