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Internal List Update

So don't we all seem to always have a million things going on?  Well last year around this time I gave a little update (click HERE) as to what was swirling around in my mad brain of mine so I thought there is no time like the present to do this again...perhaps it will get me back on track of some things I have let slip (ahem

1) Writing ~ With great strides come great pauses...I guess.  I feel like writing has totally tanked for me lately. But instead of focusing on the pause...I'll tell you about the strides.  So first, I now have 134 followers!  I still can't believe I hit 100!  I thank all of you that read and comment.  It truly means a lot to me.  Also, I have written one article and it was published online.  I was pick of the day over on and I've gained about the same amount of followers over there.  Also, with my blog, I feel like I have made great friendships!

2) Exercise More ~ Imagine there was a little box to put a check mark in.  I have been working out like mad and I still want to work out  I really want to start running on the treadmill either before work or after.   No more excuses...I gotta do this!!

3) Work less ~ I think before when I said work less ~ I think I really meant stress less about work.  Mind you I still have moments when I want to fly off the handle and scream at everyone around me...but I now just approach these situations differently.  It's pretty crazy how zen I have gotten.  I just keep reminding myself that people do not change therefore situations with said people will not change so I just need to change how I react to said people and said situations.  It's definitely made life a lot better!

4) Weekend woes ~ Well now that I am trying to stay active and exercise...I spend a lot of time doing active stuff on the weekends.  Especially hanging out with all my munchkins (nieces) they definitely keep me moving.  I've really cut back on my tv time.  Weekends and week nights.  I now try to practice my sleeping rules (click HERE).

5) Get a hobby ~ seriously folks this is something that will plague me for life.  I have never been one to say that I have a "hobby".  I mean I am sure tons of what I do on a daily basis can be called a hobby but anytime someone asks...what is your hobby...I got NOTHING!

6) Save more money ~ Like I said on my last post about this...I don't spend much ... I save save SAVE but there is always room for improvement.  One thing that I think has drastically improve my savings is...not eating out for lunch.  I have been packing my lunch for awhile now and I've worked it into my mornings so there is no more...not enough time excuses or I forgot.

7) Count calories ~ again imagine there was a little box to put a check mark in and put a big CHECK!  I have been counting points (I am doing Weight Watchers) for about a month and a half.  It has been great.  Don't get me wrong I thought about not posting anything for Saturday because I went to my parents' house and felt like I ate WAY too much but I told it and get over it.  Turns out it wasn't even as bad as I thought.  I look at it like can I make any difference if I don't keep track of what I am doing.

8) Cut coupons ~ okay this is one that is just NEVER going to happen for me.  Most of the items that have coupons ... I don't use ... then keeping track of the coupons, etc...OYE...just too much for me!  Props to all of you that do...I just don't think I ever will.

9) Drink more water ~ remember that little this is definitely something I have improved I 100% ~ no I have had 2 Diet Rootbeers  I have an app called Waterlogged it really helps keep me focused on drinking water but come on...sometimes you need something BESIDES water.  I really try to at least drink all my water for that day THEN drink a diet soda (or

10) Stop going to Starbucks ~ well since they closed the one right across the street from where I work it has decreased drastically!  I do occasionally stop in the morning for some tea and free WIFI to answer emails before I get to  I have cut out my coffee from there though...too many points...but occasionally I will get a Tall.  I use to make fun of people that got Talls...I mean if you are gonna do it VENTI...but sigh alas I am a Tall.

11)  Okay so now I am eating breakfast but I am not eating enough points for breakfast so a little more work needs to be done.

12) Hair ~ sounds crazy but I used to be so obsessed with my hair growing.  I just had to get like 3 inches cut off because it was SOOOO LONG!!!  My new hair obsession though is...the color...last time I got a glaze done (it basically is a semi-permanent color with some shine booster) they used one with a little more hair was this amazing dark auburn.  Now I want to actually dye my hair that color.

New things on the agenda....

13) Blog more...I really need to get back to a rhythm since I took away valuable blog time with exercise.

14) Put my journal on my ipod touch...I have been not carrying it and feeling naked.  This is another reason why blogging magic doesn't ideas when I need them.

15) Honeymoon & my is this going to work...another montage?  

16) Wedding Dress shopping ~ it's happening next month 3/18 to be exact!

17) oooh I want one of those super cute signatures for the end of my blog...any ideas on how I can make that happen!

Well I hope you don't have this many things swirling around in your head....what's on your internal to do list?


  1. What a wonderful Blog i am really enjoying your thoughts. Keep up the good work.


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