It's Okay Thursday #8

Thursday, February 23, 2012

So it's Thursday again...time to join up with
Amber and Neely and tell us all what you think
is okay for me....

It's okay...

to take two days off from drinking nothing but water...OMG sometimes you just want something with flavor!!  Back on the wagon today's pretty bad when your water logged app is screaming at you because you haven't entered any water!

to stay up until 3:00 am on Tuesday night finishing Sophie Kinsella's new book...I've Got Your Number....what can I say it was soooo good I couldn't put it down!  Also, since I got it from the library and it's new I only had 7 days to read I felt I read it in

to then go to bed last night at 9:00 pm...hello I was tired from staying up until 3:00 am!

to still hit the snooze even when I went to bed early.  It's just part of who I am...I am a snooze button pusher!

that I am super excited Paul is working late tonight so I can watch all my "crap" tv on DVR!  Hello I still haven't seen LAST week's Jersey Shore!!

that Jacksonville has been looking a lot like Seattle out the window.  I guess it is just preparing me for my honeymoon!

that yesterday I didn't get to walk the bridges nor did I make it to the gym...hello I was tired (3:00 am remember)...sometimes exercise just can't happen in a day.  

it's okay to see that a new magazine is up at the newsstand then immediately start thinking your mailman is stealing them...then remember you haven't checked your mailbox in like 2 weeks.

to risk being a minute late to work to check said mailbox and TADA .... magazines!

to love that yesterday when you tried to trick your niece on the phone (by talking in a british accent) she still knew it was you (she said...I know it's you Circle [that is what she calls me])

to be BFFs with a 5 year old!  It just makes me so happy when my niece tells me that we are BFFs.  I did mention to her that one day when she is older she won't want to hang out with me anymore and her reply was...why?  cuz you'll be old and dead?  um no.  why?  cuz you'll be mean?  I give up...we will just be BFFs forever!

to play what if we were the same age with your 5 yr old niece...we would apparently have the same shoes, the same bookbag, the same teacher, sit in the same seat on opposite rows so we would sit by each other, the same bike, the same lunchbox, the went on forever!

to get a little sad that she is turning 6!  She has grown up soooo fast!

to miss Kaelyn (2 yr old niece) ... I haven't seen her in two weeks...feels like forever...she is the sweetest lil munchkin.

to think Leah (1 yr old niece) looks exactly like my sister did when she was little.  It's kinda funny how it has turned out with my nieces...I have no kids and NEVER will so my sister Nicole has two...Marissa who is 5 looks a lot like me (cuz she looks like my mom and I look like my mom) and she has Leah who is 1 and looks exactly like her.  My sister Debra has one ... Kaelyn who is 2 and looks exactly like her.  It's funny too because their ages are a lot like our ages. My mom has even said that once when they were all running around her house she felt like it was like us girls running around again.

to give your friend pep talks about starting her own blog.  She's having stage fright over her first post...I just looked back at my first first post was about Mondays...see it doesn't have to be masterpiece straight away!

to love looking back at posts.  I can literally get caught up in hitting "you might also enjoy" on my blog...I'll think...DANG I have written some great stuff!

to go to a luncheon yesterday and try your best on not blowing all your points then get back to your desk and find out that even your best intentions were bad.  Sometimes you just have to live and learn.  SEE THIS IS WHY I DON'T GO TO LUNCHEONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to be a little sad at the boss passed away December 2010 from brain cancer...and yesterday I saw a bunch of people that we used to work with a lot and it made me miss Ray.  He was such a great boss!

to realize that there are certain people in your life that no matter what you will always remember and treasure those times you spent with them.

Well before I start tearing up and have to cry at work as one of my entries I am going to sign off.

Don't forget to link up with Amber and Neely and do a post about what you think is okay!!


  1. I adore Sophie Kinsella! Will have to check out that new book :)

    <3 Cambria

  2. I was tired yesterday and didn't feel like working out...but I made myself do it anyways. (I didn't put much heart and soul into it, believe me! hehe)

    Thanks for your sweet comments! They make me smile :)



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