Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy President's Day!

Well today is one of those special days when the whole country is off for the day...yet I am sitting at work.  Good times right!

Well I guess the silver lining is ... I won't have to fight traffic on my way home tonight!

I am sooooo sleepy today...hopefully this coffee kicks in soon!

Well to all of you at work (which is probably just me)
and to all of you off today....


  1. lol i need coffee too
    but today i am actually surprised
    that i am not THAT tired for
    a MONDAY ... :)

    lets have a good day dear!

    MELINA ♥

  2. Happy Presidents day (Or Happy Family Day here in Canada!) sorry to hear you are at work - think of the money! ;) x

  3. There was no "day" yesterday for me. So school wasn't off. Thank goodness I don't work as yet, school's much easier to wake up for.

  4. I had to do school on that day too, so don't feel too bad. ;)



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