Thursday, February 2, 2012

So once in awhile I have a dream where in the dream a tooth falls out or is loose and then falls out.  I panic in the dream...look in a mirror...and there's no I tell myself (in the dream) that everything is okay.  

So I thought I would do a little investigating to see what some say this dream "means".  The most common reason for the dream I found was basically stressing out about something at work (feeling like it is out of your control).  TADA!  Friday night I had this dream and Friday I was stressing (and still are) about work not giving me all the time off I want for my wedding and honeymoon.  

Seriously, there is a whole website devoted to dreaming about your teeth falling out.  They came basically that it can have to do with practically EVERYTHING you can think of...sound familiar??  Horoscopish??

So what kind of crazy dreams do you have?  Have you had one lately?  Have you ever looked up the meaning?


  1. I have dreams about my hair falling out frequently. It always freaks me out

  2. Oh my gosh, I used to have the teeth falling out, crumbling and then I could put the tooth back in and it would 'glue' was horrifying for me! I haven't had one for quite awhile, my life has settled quite a bit too, so perhaps the stress thing is correct? I read last week that tooth dreams could be related to desire of having a baby.

  3. teeth falling out is one of hte most common dreams i have heard people mention they had. a girl in high school once said her whole mouthful of teeth all full out, every single one now that sounds like a nightmare


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