Lunch Hour Workout

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So I have been walking at lunch instead of blogging
hence the absence of random brilliance on here.
So I thought I would share some pics of my walk...
One day last week I took a different route...
started off over the blue bridge....

Saw this on my walk....
Getting further away...

Here's the Stadium...if anyone cares about the Jaguars.
My friend Tana and I are walking the Gate River Run
in March so we are doing the bridges to train for this beast.
Oh how tame it looks from this far away but it makes that
first monster look like child's play!!
On the way back the bridge was up but
nothing went under...weird!

Funny pic...

 A pay phone...Taylor & I used to run on this dock
and I never saw would have been a little reassuring
that I could have called 911 to come and get me if I died from running!
Okay I just realized I didn't check for a dial might not even work!
Okay so there is still a payphone and "we"
still do this??  REALLY??
So this is what I have abandoned my lunch break blog sessions for.
Hopefully soon, I will get on a new blog schedule and get back on track!

1 comment:

  1. with those views ..
    i seriously would not want to
    go back to work ....

    loving the blue water and perfect
    sky ♥

    i am proud of you hun!

    MELINA ♥


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