It's okay Thursday #7

Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's okay...

1) to be HAPPY it is Thursday so you can post an "It's okay Thursday" post!

2) regift your Valentine's Day candy to your 5 yr old niece ~ she won't care...candy is candy to a 5 yr old!

3) to take a break from drinking nothing but water and have like 3 diet rootbeers in a row!  I mean they're diet!!

4) to wear the same thing every Saturday morning to weigh in!  It's called the control in the experiment!!

5) to hang out with your sisters so you can use their kids for exercise.

6) to embrace the idea of getting coming soon. (Teaser...remember when Carrie (Sex and the City) freaked out in the dress shop trying on that crazy wedding dress and she realized she was missing the bride gene....well...stay tuned).

7) to have bought like every accessory available on ebay for my new ipod touch.

8) to be excited that I got 25 days off work for my wedding/honeymoon!  25 DAYS PEOPLE!!!

9) to download a countdown app on my ipod for our wedding...any idea how I can get one on here??

10) to have wedding on the brain...hello it will be here before I know it!  

11) to appreciate that for once Paul's need for an itinerary for every vacation is working to my advantage...he is helping with all the arrangements for the wedding...he just presents like 5 things and I get to great is this for wedding planning!

12) to feel bad for not posting as much lately and commenting on your blogs.  I am really sorry that I have been so MIA but hopefully soon I will get into a new routine.

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  1. 25 days!? That's awesome!! And wedding on the brain, there's no way to avoid it so embrace it!! I loved planning my wedding and can't believe it happened 6 months ago. The time is flying!! I've been doing a wedding recap so if you ever need ideas or a break from planning, check it out :)
    Happy Thursday!!

  2. i been drinking water like crazy and i love it!!!!

    and to weight in every sunday
    i got butt naked hahaha :) no
    clothes no shoes to add on ♥

    i cant wait til you get married!!!
    i am dying to see pictures and
    all the details !! ♥

    i cant believe you got 25 days off
    YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!!!!!!!
    i wish i could get that off right
    now to go see Sebastian ♥

    MELINA ♥


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