It's okay Thursday #12

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Link up with Amber & Neely!!
It's okay...

1) to be set in your new healthy routine and even get it all ready the night before but then forget to bring your breakfast.

2) to insist that your bra match your panties ~ sorry TMI but I think this was the reason I couldn't remember to grab my breakfast!

3) to kinda hate the word panties...I mean doesn't it just sound like what you say to a toddler??

4) to be kinda pissed that I was just quoted $75 for a bridal bouquet...THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!!  I want wildflowers...not roses dipped in gold!!

5) to completely understand why chicks just start off being bridezillas....I mean set the precedent from the start.  I have been trying to be laid back and easy going and it has gotten me nothing but headaches people...HEADACHES!!  AND...brace yourself...I am only having 5 people at my wedding and 2 of which are ME AND PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6) to feel like I just got a headache from typing #5.

7) to want to purchase more colors for Draw Something ... I mean how am I supposed to draw a rainbow with black, yellow, red and blue??

So what's okay with you today??
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  1. Eghhh I dislike the word panties too! Maybe you unleash a tiny bit of bridezilla when you need to!

  2. Oh I feel you on the bouquet ridiculousness! I couldn't believe the prices! I made my own =D Good Luck!


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