It's okay Thursday #11

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Link up with Amber & Neely!!

It's okay...

1) to still miss Starbucks...they closed probably a year ago near my office and I still look over at the vacant building and think...STARBUCKS COME BACK!!!!

2) to get pissed when someone can't guess what you drew on Draw Something! was totally obvious!!

3) to have like a million emails hooked up to your ipod...I mean I NEED all those Gmail accounts!

4) to want to give up TV for at least a week but fear that I can't commit so I haven't tried.

5) that when someone asks what I am doing this weekend...I haven't even thought of it yet.  I am so tired of having to have my weekends all planned out ... isn't that the stress free time I yearn for all week?  So why am I making them just as miserable as weekdays??

6) to be super excited to give my niece her section of this necklace...she's been asking me to find us a Hello Kitty BFF necklace for FOREVER....(plus I got it on yeah)

7) to want new clothes because everything is too big but then hold out to the next smaller size.

8) to have my wedding dress hanging up in my closet and not to have put it on yet ~ I want it to be TOO BIG!!

9) To often feel like my dress alterations date is too far then too soon...then too far...then too soon...see where I am going here!

10) to have spent $50 (mostly gift card) at Barnes & Noble on children's books and then be super excited to cuddle up with Kaelyn (niece) and read the books...she is such a sweetie.

So what's okay with you this fine Thursday??

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  1. We should do draw something together. lol. xoxo

  2. NUMBER 5. I absolutely agree. So I think I did sleep for 14 hours last night.


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