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Sunday, July 17, 2011

So the sink in the master bathroom was draining I knew it was probably clogged with tons of my hair.  So I decided that I would take apart the sink...clean out the clog...and put it back together.  And....I did it.  Believe me it wasn't a pretty experience and in the end I thought I was never going to get the pieces back together...which way do they go?  I even to put your bathroom sink back together...didn't find much that was really helpful and I thought screw this...I don't need google.  I can figure this out and TAH-DAH!!!  Sink is totally fixed!  

Let me just say that if I would have told Paul the sink wasn't draining very well ... he would have insisted that HE fix it and then would have just complained about WHY the sink was clogged.  So my fellow women of the world, just know that you can do stuff yourself.  If you are a single girl...which I was for A LONG learn to take care of yourself.  Sure the first couple of times you run into snags you are going to freak out but the more experience you have fixing your problems the more empowered you feel when you do fix them.  

I guess guys just want to feel like our protector or "the man".  Paul often tells me that he doesn't want me going to some part of town without him (might I add a section of Jacksonville that I actually lived in when I first moved here) and insists on doing certain things for me i.e. talking to mechanics, physical labor of any sort, etc. I know it's a guy thing. He is now my "protector" and "Mr. Fix It". But sometimes I often think...doesn't he realize that I totally took care of my self for 11 years before him? Okay for example let's take car issues as an example. Before Paul I drove around my Honda Civic for like 10 or 11 years hence...there were car problems that occurred over it's life span. Brakes, tires, radiator, etc. So recently when I needed brakes Paul insisted that I was wrong. Like no silly that's not what is wrong, etc. Well who was right? This girl! I often think HELLO I'm not a moron. Is it that he thinks my chick mind can't handle certain things or is it just a guy thing? Like I said earlier the protector and Mr. know it all oops I meant Mr. Fix It.

I think you just need to pick your battles.  Don't be entirely self sufficient and don't be a total lump on a log.  For example, the other morning I had to put air in my tires and I stopped on the way to work.  After, dealing with all of that and getting my hands all dirty I thought...maybe letting Paul do this wouldn't be so bad.  Let him crouch down and get all dirty.  He feels needed and I don't ruin my nails.  Win

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