Lovely Laura Street

Thursday, July 21, 2011

So since I was chased by a homeless man asking for money I decided to look for an alternative route to the library and I found Laura has been revamped and it looks great!  I can't believe all this beauty is one street over.  So here are some pics of my lovely walk to the library at lunch.
Slate sidewalk and beautiful trees
Great architecture.
I love this church!

Across the street from the library is Hemming Plaza.  A lot of bums hang out over here all day and I used to walk along side it on the way to the library.  Police normally hang out near here so it's somewhat safe but now I don't have to go anywhere near it!
Here's the downtown library!!  I love this library...this is the one part of Jacksonville I will miss when we move!
So this is the old route - see how ugly!

That upper level is the tram that basically goes no where and again...too many bums!
This looks like the same pic as above right...nope further down the street...the ugly just all looks the same.
We used to have trees in front of our building...but alas they cut them down =(

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