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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So before blog posts become posts, they start off usually as a list of ideas, possibly a rough draft I hand wrote when I was feeling inspired but not sitting in front of my computer, possibly an idea from an article from a magazine that I felt like I wanted to add my own spin to, etc.  Needless to say, I have notepads, articles, drafts, lists, etc all over the place.  Until now!  With the help of a file folder I snagged from work my blog stuff has become EXTREMELY organized.  Here comes the crafty part...I took this ugly blue folder which screams...WORK...and transformed it into a masterpiece.  I know what you are thinking...damask damask damask...hold onto your seats folks...I stepped outside of the box!

Here is what the folder originally looked like....
Now here is the front...
Marissa helped me pick out the paper =)

There are quiet a few separating sections ... here is the first one...
To the left are some drafts of an article I am writing for a magazine contest and to the right is my blog list, which is basically a chart where I have separated my topics by category so I can be more random with my posts.
The next section....
To the left are tabs with the categories and the materials needed for each blog post.  To the right is a food journal I am keeping.  On top of using an app for my computer to count calories, I am keeping track of cravings I have and things I eat or want to eat and don't from cravings.  I'm looking for patterns and also reminding myself how I felt after I ate it and etc.  

The next section...(told you there were a lot)

To the left is where I am keeping up with wedding stuff since I need to get cracking on all of that and to the right is scratch paper for lists, drafts, etc before they make it to their proper place in the folder.

Finally...the back...
So grand total to jazz up this office folder was $2.  
The paper was on sale at Michael's for 4/$1.  
The joy I feel when looking at it...PRICELESS!

And yes I have been concentrating so much on getting this just right that I haven't blogged much but now it is complete so let the blogging begin!

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