No Love Lost

Friday, July 1, 2011

No Love Lost

So I finally got to experience H&M in person.  I found out that there are two in Orlando.  So I went expecting greatness and left!  I like the idea more than the actual stuff.  I went in looking for that white and multicolored striped dress because I saw it in a magazine and thought ... hey this is cute and cheap.  It wasn't as cute in person.  I tried the other dresses on and thought...okay cute but they are $40.  What happened to cheap?  Basically their cheap precisely  It consists of thin cotton which you can see your hand through and when the quality steps up so does the price.  I don't want to compare them to Old Navy because they aren't THAT bad.  I mean I would have bought three out of the four dresses above but I didn't want to spend $40 per dress or even $40 on one dress.  (I know I am cheap but seriously I didn't want to buy something to just prove a point.  Just going to the store was enough proof.)  Sometimes good on glossy paper (in magazines) is just good on glossy paper.  

HOWEVER, they do have MAD clearance deals.  That is where you can get a steal.  They had tons of cardigans on sale and I would have bought some but I already had a bunch that looked similar from Ann Taylor Loft and Banana Republic.  

Let me know if you like H&M.  Maybe I am just being too tough on them because for forever I have been teased by fashion magazines so I just had my hopes set too high and maybe this Orlando store wasn't all that perhaps there are bigger and better H&Ms.  I would go again and would like to go to one in the UK (they can order stuff online...US cannot) and perhaps next time I will find something I just can't live without.

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