March Madness

Monday, March 1, 2010

So this month will be all about things I am "mad" about.

So for today I am mad about .....

This Guess handbag!!!!!!! I recently saw a blue version at Ross and put it back. This has been on my wish list for two years!!


  1. WOW! I like. I am kind of afraid of this month's new blog. Its going to result in me wanting to buy things....

  2. Don't worry it's not always going to be a Homegirl has to put money in the JEW fund.

  3. the cool thing about discussing things you want to buy on a blog is that it can give the same satisfaction as actually purchasing it...that's how it has been for me at least- but you should prolly go get that since you have wanted it for years!!

  4. Wanting and needing are two different things entirely. I'll appreciate the money more in my JEW fund rather than on my arm =)


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